Hometown Spirit: Eufaula High Student Government

WTVM is taking you to new towns every week of the high school football season in our special series Hometown Spirit. But, it's not just football. We're also talking about the communities and the people behind the schools.

Today, we talk with a Eufaula school organization that's helping the neighbors.

It's no secret Eufaula High school is all about football and school spirit.

But one group of students tries to take the spirit off campus. The Student Government Association, or SGA, is always coming up with ways to bring the community and school closer.

"It's so important to SGA to have everyone involved so we help with the things around school to get students involved, and then we try to get the community involved as well because they are our biggest supporters," said Anna Lee Harris, SGA President.

Right now, Anna Lee Harris and other students are getting ready for their Homecoming Week in September, by designing T-shirts.

When the holidays roll around, SGA hosts a number of charitable fundraisers, like their Thanksgiving food drive, with a twist.

"This year, we're trying to make it more of an Alabama-Auburn things as well, since it's around Thanksgiving. We'll have big boxes set up for students to bring in food and be a contest between Alabama and Auburn fans," said Harris.

Since the holidays are a time of giving, SGA also adopts a Christmas child from the area.

"We just adopt the family and they put together a wish list and we try to make as many wishes come true," she said.

If Anna Lee has one wish for her school, it's for everyone to know how much school and community pride Eufaula high students have.

"We're a major organization that really reflects that school and what the school is doing. And it's just so important to me, if I'm going to be going to a school, I want people to know it's a great school and SGA really allows me to do that," said Harris.

Besides their charitable events, SGA also helps the cheerleaders out by decorating the town for football season.