Hometown Spirit: Reflecting Back on 2007 Championship Game with Shaw vs. Carver

Last year, Carver beat Shaw during the regular season.  However, later in the season the two met again on the gridiron in Atlanta for the State Playoff's, but that time Carver came up short.

Since then the rivalry got bigger last year and is even bigger this year.  "It comes from the kids all going to middle school together and then separate in high school.  They know each other and it's that much more exciting for them to play each other," said Shaw Head Coach Scott Newman.

"We want revenge and a chance to redeem ourselves from last year and clear up mistakes made in the dome," said Carver Football Player Torri Mobaui.

Since last year both teams have been talking smack.  "All we hear about is how Carver is better than us.  So we come out and work hard everyday for this game," said Shaw Football Player Cam Greathouse.

It's hot but, both teams are determined to be ready for Friday's match-up.  "We don't make one game bigger than any other.  We go each week to get better and not over anxious for that game," said Carver Head Coach Dee McGee.

"We are going to prepare like any other opponent.  They are a very talented team and we are finding ways to make us successful," said Newman.

Even though last year's game is a distant memory it's not far from this players mind as they prepare to meet up again.  "It was a great experience.  I was thinking I'm in the same stadium as pro athletes play in.  It was an awesome feeling," said Carver Football Player DeAndre Smith.

"When I walked in the atmosphere it was real loud and bunch of people from Columbus was there," said Greathouse.

So they understand why the game is getting the hype it does.  "I think because it's here in Columbus with two good teams.  Plus, everybody having a good time," said Shaw Football Player Jarvis Pitts.

Last year, when both teams met in the dome.  The Shaw Raiders walked away winners, but lost to Peach County in the final game, 28 to 7.

The Shaw-Carver game will kick-off this Friday night at Memorial Stadium at 7:30.