September 3, 2007

September 3, 2007

I am now in week two of, "Get Moving Mondays."  It has been a great week exercising in the early morning hours (smile).  I meet my trainer Monday through Friday at 7a.m.  Plus, three days a week I go to a spinning class.  Basically, it's an indoor cycling class that I love so much because you burn several hundred calories in a 45 minute session.  I normally take spinning on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 5:45.  However, this past weekend I started taking the Saturday morning class at 8:30 as well.  Spinning class is on a stationary bike...where the instructors talk you through a visualization of an outdoor workout.  Plus, you have really good motivating music to listen to keep you working hard.  Spinning is not a hard class because it's just like riding a bicycle.   One thing I really like about the class is they turn down the lights and the music just helps me begin my day spiritually and mentally.  So I would highly recommend you to try out the class at North Columbus Athletic Club.

As far as my eating, I have actually been doing well.  It has not been hard at all.  Just hearing the positive comments from my co-workers and of course you guys...our loyal viewers at WTVM have been very motivating.   Last week, I was in a restaurant and this lady came up to me about my story.  She told me after seeing, "Get Moving Mondays" it actually made her want to get up and exercise.  I want to see more people pledge to make their healthy top priority by exercising and eating healthier.

My progress is going very well.  I lost 5 pounds in my first week.  That means I now weigh 245 pounds.  When I started out I weighed 250 pounds.  My goal weight is 165, so that means I have 80 pounds to go.

If you have any questions for me or my trainers, drop me an email at

This week I am starting a new class called Group Active.  I will tell you all about it on next week's blog.

People always say they'll start that diet on Monday, so why not today?  Get Moving with me every Monday morning at 6 a.m. and 5:30p.m.

I hope you had a great Labor Day!