Hometown Spirit: Carver High School Technology

Hometown Spirit takes you behind the walls of Carver High School.  Not every school is fortunate enough to have the latest technology.  However, Carver High have the right equipment is helping students make Math fun.

They use the latest technology to make their classes fun.  It's called the T-I 84 Graphing Calculator that allows students to interact with their teacher Joyce Lee.  "I've learned a lot more and I am able to calculate more things.  We use advanced ways instead of just plus or minus keys.  I can use other ways," said Carver Senior Alexandria Williams.

Using technology is taking their learning to the next level.  "The calculator does not take the place of mental math.  It just enhance what they learn in their math classes," said Lee.

One thing in Mrs. Lee's class is students can use technology, but they need to know how to do Math the old fashion way using their mind.  "She breaks it down and she just explain stuff quicker," said Carver Sophomore Marcus Rayford.

"When they are eager to learn and want to learn.  I try to come up with ways to be exciting and it makes my day worth it as a teacher," said Lee.

Senior Alexandria Williams says the technology is helping to prepare her for life after graduation.  "It's also help me learn more with computers and with new technology.  It is helping me grow more in the technology side of my life," said Williams.

Now Carver High School is a Science and Math Magnet School.  Many students I spoke with say the better technology is helping them prepare for college and continue the legacy of outstanding Carver grads.

Their teacher Mrs. Lee is a 1972 graduate of the school.