Hometown Spirit: Shaw High School To Can Carver

Shaw High School students are showing their school spirit by collecting can goods.   The Raiders began collecting the cans this week with the theme, "Can Carver."

Carver High and Shaw became big rivals after last year's visit to the Georgia Dome for the State Championship.  They are collecting the canned goods for needy families.  "It gives you school spirit and it also give you the benefit that you are helping out the community," said Shaw Senior Amy Pippins.

Their teachers say collecting the cans is a lesson in itself.  "Its not all about the numbers or test scores.  It's the whole student learning in all aspects of life not just behind a desk," said Shaw Teacher Brantley Ford.

Most of the time, you would think the seniors would beat out the Freshman, but in this friendly competition.  A Freshman class collected the most cans.  "It makes you feel good knowing you helped other people.  Especially, helping people that aren't fortunate as we are," said Shaw Freshman Grey Bittinger.

The the game won't take place until Friday night, but the students at Shaw are already cheering for their team.  "I'm obviously cheering for Shaw to win.  I am just hoping for the best," said Pippins.

The students have already raised about 600 cans of food.  Their goal is to raise about 1,000 cans before noon Friday.

All the food will go to Mission Columbus which is an Interdenominational food bank.