Columbus Marine Killed In Iraq Laid To Rest

As the 21-gun salute rang out, family members leaned on each other, trying to get through the pain of losing their son, brother and husband, Corporal John Corey Tanner.

"He was something, you knew he was coming in a room before he got there, and he gave his brothers a run for their money all the time," said Henry Tanner Sr., Corey's father.

Corey comes from a long line of servicemen spanning all branches of the military...

His grandfather served in the Army, his uncle in the Navy, one brother in the Air Force, and the other in the Marines.

Corey was the first of them all to die in battle.

"We all knew the risks when we signed up, we all accepted it, there was that chance. It's pretty much a roll of the dice, and he came up just shy," said Brandon Tanner, Corey's brother.

Corey's wife Ana will soon be giving birth to their first son, and even though she will be raising him by herself, she and everyone else at the funeral say Corey died doing he what he always dreamed of doing.

"This soldier made up his mind in high school he wanted to be a marine, and did what he wanted to do," said Gene Altman, the Captain of the Georgia State Patriot Guard Riders.

Corey Tanner graduated from the Hallie Turner school here in Columbus back in 2004.

He was just 21 years old.