Extreme dermatology

"My skin was really worse, and had gotten worse over a period of time," said Gloria. She only wants her first name used. Gloria has lupus , an immune system disease that's made her skin extremely blemished, and the perfect patient for Northwestern University's Dermatology Clinic. She came here last year because she felt too embarrassed to attend her son's wedding.  "I don't want any of his guests to ask what's wrong with your mom's face, I can't find a make-up that's going to work for me," she said. But, she found make-up and medical advice in one place. A new team approach that blends physicians and pharmacists. "I don't pretend to conceal the disease, we're not doing that," said Dr. Joaquin Brieva, a dermatologist. "We're treating the disease and at the same time, we're giving some emotional support with this," said Brieva. In the past, doctors here would tell  patients with serious skin disorders were often not getting the right products and simply felt too uncomfortable getting make-up advice in public. But, in private , with the help of a pharmacist skilled in the use of heavy cover cosmetics, Gloria learned to create a new face. "Whoo! That's how I feel," said Gloria. So when people look at Gloria now, she believes they see person not a skin condition and that has given her a new look on life.

Dee Armstrong