Hometown Spirit: Halftime is Game Time

When most folks think of a football game.  It's the two teams going head to head on the gridiron that comes to mind.  But, many music fans say the game doesn't really start until halftime.  According to band members at Carver and Shaw, "Halftime is Game Time."

When there is a timeout play on the field may stop, but the band keeps it going in the stands.

Don't forget when the two teams hit the locker rooms for halftime, that's when these students say it all begins.  "Music is part of people's lives and at a football game we just contribute to some bodies life.  We make the game more lively," said Shaw Band Member Torey Best.

They believe they work as hard as students in any sport.  "A lot of people don't recognize marching band is a sport.  We learn music, play and march.  We basically do it all," said Shaw Band Member Domonique Graphenreed.

"We consider it a sport because we work so hard like any football team, soccer team, and tennis team," said Carver Drum Major Andre Davis.

Band Directors say being musically inclined can help students not in just band classes.  "We have found that kids who study music tend to do better on standardized test.  Their math and reading scores tend to be higher than kids who do not study music," said Shaw Band Director George Cobb.

These students say they really take their musical abilities to heart.  "I like the music.  I like to hear it and I love the sound," said Shaw Band Member Xavier Hamilton.

"Reading music helps you learn more, basically your learning ability goes up.  Plus, your marching skills help condition your health," said Carver Drum Major Kieaaron Dawkins.

As far as Friday night's show, Shaw's band is remaining tight lipped and Carver is not saying too much either.  "We gonna do something for the old and new.   We got a surprise for you," said Carver Band Director Hugh Moffett.