Hometown Spirit: Carver NFL Grad Speaks To Students

Carver and Shaw High school both have had some very successful students who graduated from each school.  Recently an alumni of Carver High came back to the school to give the students some words of wisdom.

Pro-NFL player Brentson Buckner recently made a pit stop at Carver High School.

He graduated from the school back in 1989, then several years later rose to stardom.  "God had a reason for me to play football.  I spent 12 years in the NFL.  I wanted to come back and reach that next person," said Buckner.

During his visit back to Carver he reflected on playing the Shaw Raiders in his Carver Days.  "Back in the day playing Shaw was really not that big.  Shaw was not that good at the time.  We would man handle shaw and beat them easily," said Buckner.

Even though Carver won last year's match-up with Shaw in the regular season, at the Georgia Dome, the Raiders gave the Tigers a run for their money.  However, after his Carver Days Brenson went onto Clemson University and from there, 12 years in the NFL.  Including the 1996 Super Bowl holding up the defense for the Pittsburg Steelers against the Dallas Cowboys.  "I got the opportunity of playing in the in two super bowls.  The most watched super bowl the history of the league," said Buckner.

His former Coach at Carver says those goals were obtained from Brentson building a foundation.  "When you build something you know it's built right.  When they go high and professional football is the highest position in sports you can get to," said Former Carver Head Coach Wallace Davis.

However, everything Coach Davis made Brentson do on the practice field was fun.  "He started this thing called the bin.  We would do one lap around the field, then run out the gate.  Then we would go through the neighborhoods.  You had to do it before practice.  We use to be like why are we doing this," said Buckner.

Davis said he told Brentson one thing,"You must have self confidence and faith and you must work that until you make it happen," said Davis.

Those words of wisdom kept him focused to graduate from Carver, which is a special place for Brentson Buckner.  "It was a family atmosphere.  My mother went to school here, my uncle went to school here and my sister's went to school here," said Buckner.

Brentson left the Carolina Panthers in 2006 and later retired from the NFL.

During those 12 years he played for the Pittsburg Steelers, the Cincinnati Bengals, the San Francisco 49ers, and finally with the Carolina Panthers.