Remembering September 11th - Your Thoughts

Not only did 911 rock the nation, it resulted in a new facet of our National identity.  We've learned that in this 21st century, like it or not, we have a new enemy.  They existed before, but seemed impotent.  They have sworn to destroy Israel and the United States.  This would then effect the economy of the entire world.  We must never forget, not only remembrance for the fallen, but resolve to defeat those that are our sworn enemies.

I am so proud of all the men and women in our military.  Keep up the good work.  For truth and encouragement to fight the good fight, and not grow weary, read  You will see the difference our great military is making!

Thank you,

Diane Taylor


A special appreciation go out to all our brave  men and women sacrifice their lives on a daily basis .
May God continue to bless you!!!

The McKenzie Family