Hometown Spirit: A Story Of Courage

When Joshua Doak was a little boy, he had big dreams of one day becoming a stand up comedian.

It was that side of him that won the hearts of many, including his classmates and family.

He lived a normal life, doing normal childhood things.

It was his junior year at Smiths Station High School when things began to change.

"Constant migranes. I had migranes that would last for days. I kind of expected it because I did look up the symptoms online and was almost pretty sure I knew that was what I had," said Doak.

Joshua thought he was suffering from a brain tumor.

After complaining about it for weeks, his mom finally took him to the doctor to prove him wrong.

"I thought he was crazy, because he kept coming home with headaches and him being a teenager I thought he was trying to get out of stuff. He didn't want to clean his room, do his homework and he was making bad grades. I thought it was excuses," added Joshua's mom, Barbara Charles.

But it wasn't.

The doctor diagnosed Josh with Gleoblastoma, one of the most aggressive forms of primary brain tumors.

"I felt really bad and I felt guilty because I didn't believe him. Then I thought this can't be right. Something's wrong. It can't be. Not my son," added Charles.

But it is her little stand up comedian who is fighting for his life.

Doctors say only two percent of people survive Gleoblastoma, but Josh and his family believe in a higher power.

"Sometimes I feel like this is much for a 17 year- old kid, but I know it's been put on me for a reason. I know that I have God on my side, my whole family and everybody," added Doak.

"We go to church and pray God will heal him of this. You know he's going through chemo and radiation, but we're believing God's gonna work a miracle in him," added Joshua's grandmother Diane Sauls.

And that same faith gets Joshua and his family through each day.

But, for now they have a message to share with those around them.

"We realized we're not promised tomorrow and you don't know what's going to come up. Everybody in your family, one of them may be gone, so we can't take each day for granted anymore because everybody that you love, you have to let them know you love them and hold them dear to you everyday," added Charles.