Hometown Spirit: Secret Sauce in Smiths Station

When it comes to good, down home food in Smith Station, residents say all roads lead to the Pig-N-Chick restaurant.  Whether you're looking for fried catfish, bacon and eggs or steak, many in Smiths Station say the Pig-N-Chick is the place to be.

If you're in the area looking for a home cooked meal, just follow the smoky smell of barbecue straight down Old Opelika Road to the Pig-N-Chick Restaurant.   Rumor has it, it's one of the best places to eat in town.  "The food's great and it's just like old country food.  You got mothers and fathers back there in the back cooking the food," said Customer Fabion Blaylock.

"When we first opened, I told my wife that's my intention.  I wanted this place to be like home to people and there's been all kind of people through the years.  They open the door and say man, I feel like I'm walking in my own house," said Owner Don Rodchester.

Rodchester and his wife Diane bought the small, homey, building 19 years ago.  But it was Rodchester's 5th year when business began to really boom.  Thanks to what Rodchester calls a lab tested-secret sauce he bought from a friend for $6,000.

"I had a buddy of mine who came up with the recipe.  I told him you sell me the recipe and I'll buy it from you.  So I paid $6,000 for the recipe and I haven't regretted not one penny of it.  It's still kickin right now," said Rodchester.

"I think because this is down home cooking.  It's something your mom would make.  It's the atmosphere and everybody is nice and are friends," said Customer Teresa Walker.

So whatever keeps people coming back to pig out at the Pig-N-Chick, the good food, the good service or just the people.  Rodchester says he'll keep his same old recipe with the famous quote, "We ain't as good as mama's, but we get reeeaaalll close."

Rodchester told News Leader Nine he is getting out of the business.  He's been thinking about it for awhile and this is the first time he's speaking out about it.  He's looking for someone to take over the business.

Rodchester says, he will leave Pig-N-Chick to the community.  He says he's just ready to do something different.