Viewers Respond to Bush's Withdrawal Plan


I think it is awsome. About time he finally got some sense and brought our friends and family home. Should have happened a LONG time ago.

Cheryl Prophitt


I think six years and billion of dollars is too long when there are issue that need to be corrected here in the United States. There is help still needed in New Orleans what about the help that american people need rebuilding their community.

Shanecia Terry


I agree 100 percent with Pres. Bush.  I consider him to be a man of great honor and integrity - traits that the leaders of the Democratic party lost sight of a long time ago!

Mary Brown


I don't think its too early. I think it will be good for them to come home. Bush starts alot of stuff...I think maybe he got something right finally in his life by doing this. Sorry Bush, I really don't like you.

Barbara gordillo


The president said exactly what the nation needed to hear tonight! That we are making progress, in which things over in Iraq are so much better than when the war started. The Iraqi government actually have  somewhat of community now. He said we must finish this war for the safety of OUR children's safety and the future of AMERICA! We must finish what so many soldiers that have died fighting for believed in, which is if we don't do something about the Iraq's people that hate AMERICANS so badly they will continue to harass our people and kill many more like the 9/11 incident if we do not do something about it! The Democratic response was false, The President did address each and every situation that the senator said the president did not respond too. I can't believe that a person that is suppose to be so smart and make it so far can not see that the war was a must, of course we did not want to see our soldiers die but they made the ultimate sacrifice for a better and more safer  America in the future. The president could NOT have been more clear on his plans in Iraq.  I wish the war was over too, but its just too soon. We have made it too far and taught them so much about having a community to turn back on them now.  In my predictions the war should be over in 3 too 4 years, in this time there Soldiers and leaders should learn to take care of there country and be a successful government! If we would not have started this war there Iraqi leaders at the time would have grew stronger and stronger until they felt like they could have taken our ARMY, that they would have tried. I believe that they would have tried to take on the world with nuclear missiles and destroyed a lot of the world as we know it today.

A proud American

Irv Hodgson  IV of  Columbus, Georgia!


The president has stretched the truth for 7 years why should we believe him now?? The number of troops that we have in Iraq is a strain on our military personnel and their families.  3 and 4 tours are too much when some have skipped being deployed at all.  After being in conflict that long we are going to bring more of our troops home with pstd than ever before - with less monies for treatment.  This is going to be worse than returning from Vietnam, but then most of our representives have never served except from a politicial office.

Leslie Digman


WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrats are saying President Bush's decision to order gradual troop reductions in Iraq isn't enough.

Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island delivered the Democratic response to Bush's prime-time Oval office address. The former Army Ranger says the president has failed to provide "either a plan to successfully end the war or a convincing rationale to continue it."

Bush announced that 5,700 U.S. troops could be home by Christmas and that four brigades - at least 21,500 troops - could return by July.

Reed said Democrats would work to "profoundly change" the U.S. military involvement in Iraq. Senate Democrats have been discussing legislation to limit the mission. U.S. troops would be restricted to training Iraq's military and police, protecting U.S. assets and fighting terrorists.