18 Year Old Killed in Head-on Wreck

A head-on collision on highway 80 in phenix city, has claimed the life of an 18-year old.  Taylor Zito of Phenix City was killed in Thursday night's wreck.

"Anytime he saw you, we knew we would get a hug and that smile of his was so beautiful," said Smiths Station Principal Kathie Ledbetter.

This is how people at Smiths Station high school feel about Taylor, a 2007 graduate.  Phenix City police say Thursday night his SUV was struck head-on by a pickup that crossed the median shortly after Taylor entered Highway 80 from Summerville road.  School officials at Taylor's former high school say his death came as a shock.  "I was heart broken.  I found out this morning and then started talking to students who were close to him," said Ledbetter.

Many students at Smiths Station High still remember Taylor and assistance was made available to help students cope.  "We've asked the counselors to be available to talk with students and some of the boys who graduated with Taylor last year came back today just to be with us," said Zito.

Even though Taylor's life was all so short, those who knew him say they'll never forget him.  "Taylor was such a neat kid and he had a wonderful smile and personality.  He really loved the outdoors.  He loved fishing and anything to do with outdoors," said Ledbetter.

Phenix City police say at least one other person was hurt, but that person's condition is not known.  The accident tied up traffic for quite some time, while authorities cleared the scene.

Police are still investigating to see if a citation will be given to the driver of the pick-up that hit Taylor.