Hardaway High School Has School Spirit

Hardaway High School--home of the Hawks--and the home of academic excellence. Hardaway is the only school in Southwest Georgia to offer the International Baccalaureate Program, which allows students to pursue college-level studies.

"Once you graduate, you have advanced placement in college, or you may get advanced placement in college," said Hardaway Junior Jysseka Purdue. "It's great, the IB teachers are good."

"They are very challenging," junior Shella Scott said about her classes.  "You have to stay organized and you have to stay focused on your work."

It's hard work, but students say it's rewarding.

"It's introducing me to lots of new stuff, like I'm taking Spanish at Hardaway now, which I've never taken before, and I'm in a teacher cadet program," said junior Jessica Todd.

Teacher cadets get valuable classroom experience while they explore a career in teaching.

"We go to Clubview Elementary, and it's sort of like a college student would do student teaching, we do whatever the teachers ask us to do, and sometimes we get to instruct," said senior Rashad Jones.

"I love going to Clubview, because I love teaching kids," senior Jhordane Debello added.

But students say the diversity and the harmony is what really makes Hardaway unique.

"Hardaway, for me, is just so special because of the spirit, the sense of unity here," Jones explained.

"Oh we definitely have school spirit, yes, definitely," said Jessica Todd.

"Hardaway's the best school!" Debello said.