LaFayette High School Improving Academics, School Spirit

This week's "Hometown Spirit" report takes us to Chambers County, Alabama. The LaFayette High Bulldogs will host the Lanett High Panthers this Friday.

LaFayette is going through a lot of growth, especially in academics.  The school was the final piece of the puzzle in getting all Chambers County schools accredited. Test scores are up, and school spirit is running high.

"I have a lot of school pride," said LaFayette High SGA president Macey Allison.

For some, tradition makes this place special.

"My mother went here, my father and my brother. It's part of my family," Allison said.

For others, it's the atmosphere.

"Like the one-on-one connection with our teachers, and you don't have to walk around feeling all shy. We make you feel welcome here and like you're at home," said Travis Smith, LHS drum major.

That experience is helping the school become one of the best. This past June, LHS was the final school in Chambers County to receive accreditation.

"We have met those academic goals successfully for the last three years, and we received accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. That puts us in perfect position to receive district accreditation, which puts our district at the cutting edge as well," said Jaspconia Moore, LHS principal.

Some say the administration is to thank.

"The teachers and principal pass it down, great discipline. Discipline comes first, school work comes before extracurricular activities," Smith said.

Teachers say it's the students.

"I would definitely compare them to anyone else, and I always get a positive feedback because we have that positive mentality and that great spirit," said Trecarya Mitchell, an English and drama teacher at LHS.

All this positive energy will flow onto the field Friday when the football team plays their cross-county rival, Lanett.

"We have the same letters, we have the same school colors and I think LaFayette High just represents it better. We're the real LHS," Allison said.

News Leader Nine will take you to Lanett High School Tuesday.