A Closer Look At Over 100 Years Of History At Columbus High

The pages of old yearbooks tell the stories of the many students who have walked down the halls of Columbus High.

Stacey Pritchard and her son Tyler are just one of the many Blue Devil families throughout the city of Columbus that have shared the same experiences at Lakebottom.

"Columbus High is such a unique school to me, it has changed a lot over the years, but its real neat to attend functions with Tyler and see a lot of the good changes that have been made, but also to see that a lot has not changed," said Pritchard, Class of 1981

Since it opened in 1889, several Columbus High Graduates have gone on to make great names for themselves...

Carson McCullers, one of the most significant writers of the twentieth century...

Or Frank Thomas, the standout football and baseball star who went on to play in the major leagues.

Students at Columbus say these ties to the outside world give them pride in their school and its history.

"It's cool to know you went to school at the same place as Frank Thomas, Carson McCullers, people who went out into the world and made a name for themselves," said Tyler Pritchard, Class of 2008.

But not all of Columbus High's past brings back good memories...

The fire of 1981 completely destroyed the school's historic building, right after Stacey Pritchard and other seniors from that year had graduated.

"It was hard to know what you had just left and what you had been a part of seemed to almost be gone," said Pritchard.

But the community refused to give up its ties to the past, and rebuilt the school, showing that even in its worst times, the spirit of Columbus High continued to live on.

Current Blue Devil students covet their connection to a school so rich in history.

"It's this idea that grandparents, fathers here sang our war songs, sang our alma mater at graduation," said Eryn Maynard, Class of 2008.

"You walk through the halls and there is so much history, even walking through the front doors, and its always going to be there," said Pritchard.