Northside Teacher Cadets Get A Real Life Look At What It Takes To Educate

Crayons, glue, construction paper and popsicle sticks cover the desks of Mrs. Mumpower's kindergarten class...

This arts and crafts project is just one of the lessons being run by her daughter Kristan, one of the students in the Teacher Cadet program at Northside High.

"I've always known she had a good nature to be a teacher, but this way she can come in the classroom and decide whether she want to do that or not, said Jackie Mumpower, Kristan's mom and a kindergarten teacher at North Columbus Elementary.

Kristan and her fellow teacher cadets come to North Columbus Elementary every day.

They help teachers with that day's lesson plan, or even come up with some of their own unique ideas.

Many say being in such an influential role shows how much of a difference they can make on a child's life.

"It's really cool because a lot of the kids have touched me, I come here and see them grow and progress every day and it's cool to know you have something to do with that," said Kristan Mumpower.

The teachers who work with Northside students everyday say the help they give is invaluable.

"The children get excited about them coming, they extend what we do, the standards we teach, they enhance what we teach," said Kay Gunter, a 2nd grade teacher at North Columbus Elementary.

Most of the Northside students came into the program for the hands-on experience and real life glimpse into life as a teacher...

But many times, they leave with so much more than expected.

"They look up to me, like I'm a role model," said teacher cadet Lara Beth Bailey.

"It's really rewarding, you think a lot about it when you go home, it's nice," said teacher cadet Robert Hale.