Hometown Spirit Week is Columbus High's Homecoming

Homecoming week for columbus Hhigh and that means a big time celebration.

Blue Devil fans came out to the stadium armed with their couches and their grills, capping off a great homecoming week full of energy and excitement.

Blue and orange deck the halls around Columbus high, with students completely clad in the school's signature colors.

Banners cover the doors of each classroom, showing just how intense the rivalry with Northside has become.

Ashley Hill, a Blue Devil Student say, "It's really special for us because we know our football team is gonna bring it when they play, do a great job, every body is really excited about it, and its really cool when you get to play a team worth playing."

Each day this week, students came to school dressed to a different theme... "Tacky Day", "Twin Day" and "Blue and Orange" day brought out the creativity and imagination of the student body.

Kids say its the one time of the year where they can let loose and really show their dedication to their school and the football team.

Football team captain, Brandon Ward says, "Its crazy, its always crazy here, the fans I mean are ridiculous, but its amazing during homecoming."

Pep rallies, tailgates and face painting becomes the norm during this exciting time of year.

Football players say seeing so much school spirit throughout the week pumps them up and gives them confidence going into Friday's game.

Trying to white out the Patriots will be no easy task, but Columbus students say their intense blue devil spirit will show through at gametime.