Attorney General Troy King Seeking Tougher Sex Offender Laws

Attorney General Troy Kings says he wants tougher sex offender laws.  Until the last couple of years, sex offender laws in Alabama were some of the weakest in the nation, now they're some of the toughest.

King says online predators are still getting a pass. Some cases around the state are being thrown out because police officers are posing as children to catch them.   King says, "because there is no child who was solicited, so we're going to change the law. the law will be as it should be, common sense. If you think you're soliciting a child, and it turns out you solicited a policeman, you get punished just as severely."

One way Alabama has recently cracked down on sex offenders is by requiring their driver's license to be specially marked. Some offenders must also wear GPS ankle bracelets once they get out of prison.