Hometown Spirit: Schley County's 150th Anniversary

October 9, 2007

We've talked a lot about Hometown Spirit, but Schley County residents are taking their pride to the next level. They're throwing a party after Friday's night's game with Taylor County High.

In the middle of downtown Ellaville, Linda Adams is telling a story.

With each stroke of her paint brush, she's bringing to life scenes of Schley County from the last 150 years.

"This is the Bank of Ellaville location, when it was down the street in 1900. And it's now down the other street, moved there in 1984," said Adams.

The mural she's painting is part of the county's 150th anniversary celebration.

Adams is using old photos to recreate some of the old landmarks in town. There's the old drugstore, the Peacock Hotel, the Hills Mill and several other pictures of the past.

"These are what I call lost gems, most of them because we don't have them anymore. We wish we did have them in their original state," said Adams.

But Adams's mural is more than just a pretty painting. It's also an outdoor museum filled with little known facts and tales.

"Everyone has a story. This one is the county jail over here, and underneath it we'll have a timeline of all the sheriff's from 1838 to present," said Adams.

Nancy Young is heading the committee in charge of putting on the birthday bash, that features a parade, shows, vendors and more.

She says everyone should be proud of the names and faces who call Schley County home.

"There has been some good people who have come from this county, officials and other things like that, yes we have a great county," Young said.

And come October 13th, this small town is going to put on a party that will go down in history.

"It's a once in a lifetime event. And we're trying to really emphasize this and remember the past," Young said.

The Sesquicentennial celebration is this Saturday in downtown Ellaville.

The parade is at 11 in the morning, followed by an antique car show, fashion show, art show, and so much more.