Hometown Spirit: Taylor County Oscar Winners

October 10, 2007

The magic of motion pictures is putting the spotlight on some students in Taylor County. The Georgia Movie Academy is a state-wide competition that encourages video production in the classroom.

Last year, some Taylor County students took home several oscars for their feature films.

A World War Two veteran's story of survival, after his plane is shot down in enemy waters...

A local man is on a mission to get rid of trash that no else picks up....

These are some of Taylor County's unsung heroes.

They're also the student films that brought home several Oscars for these amateur movie producers.

"It was really exciting. We didn't expect it all because the topic was hard this year, but we made it," said Maddy Hammer, a student.

Maddy Hammer and Lizzie Davis were on two different teams that took home the statues at last year's Georgia Movie Academy.

They say movie producing and doing interviews are easier said than done.

"It was really weird, it wasn't what we expected. He talked a lot about his whole life story, it was really sad," said Hammer.

"Some days we were working until 5 in the afternoon, it was getting close to the end and we needed to get finished," said Lizzie Davis, another student.

The movies made the deadline, and just in time to beat several other schools, who had some advantages.

"They had bigger groups than us, other schools from other towns, and they had more technology than us," said Hammer.

But these movie makers had a secret weapon of their own, a little help from CSU.

"We went to Columbus State University and they taught us about lighting and microphones and how to use our cameras. It was really fun," Hammer said.

The film production crews are already working on their next projects.

So, could any of their films be coming to a theater near you??? Stay tuned.