Chattahoochee Co. High School First Senior Class

This school year is special for a group of students at Chattahoochee County High.  It's the first senior class to graduate at the new school.

For many years students in Chattahoochee County went to school there from Kindergarten through the eighth grade.  After that, they were bussed to Columbus.  However, the new high school is keeping students together.

Some of these student have been here since the beginning.  The school open for the first time nearly three years ago and the 70 students in the senior class of 2008 say they are very close.  "You get to personally meet everyone here and talk to teachers one on one," said Senior Class President Sarah Welty.

This May, will mark the first graduating class in the county.  "I taught a lot of these students in Kindergarten.  Our high school burned down in 1968 and that's when students were bussed to Spencer," said Senior Class Sponsor Christy Wiggins.

Right now, as their first senior class prepare to accept their diploma, it's very touching.  "I'm very proud of them.  I expect them to go far and its been fun to see how they've changed and grown," said Wiggins.

The seniors say they will have many memories of the high school.  "The teachers and my friends will be what I remember the most.  Even though I've been here a short amount of time, I've met friends and teachers, I will never forget," said Senior Tiffany Nixon.

"The closeness of the teachers and students is what I will miss most.  Here our whole school is very close," Senior Joseph Garrett.

School administrators told me they are expecting to have a 100 percent graduation rate this year.

They believe it's the case because the students are able to stay put in one place.