Famous Restaurant in Chattahoochee County

There's a restaurant in Chattahoochee County that's home to the famous Ranger Burger.  The burger is so famous, some Hollywood celebrities have stopped by to taste them for themselves.

The Four Winds restaurant has been around since 1979, and many people in Chattahoochee County say it's a staple in the community.  The burger is why so many people are rushing to Chattahoochee County.

It's called the Ranger Burger and some people come from miles away just to take bite.  "I heard about this at ranger school and I just decided to check it out.  It's a really good place to get a burger basically," said Fort Benning Soldier Jordan Weigle.

The Ranger Burger consists of a pound of meat, double cheese, double bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle, onion, ketchup, mustard, and mayo.  It's not the only burger on the menu.  "I've got the pathfinder, special forces, sniper, and sledgehammer.  I named them after units on Fort Benning because to me you need to support the soldiers, " said Owner Linda Cox.

Over the years, the Four Winds restaurant has seen a number of celebrities that includes Mel Gibson.  "He had a ranger burger and fries and tea.  He ate all the burger, but not all the fries.  He had two jugs of tea and he thought the food was awesome," said Cox.

So if you are ever passing through Chattahoochee County.  You can be sure what's for dinner.  "The food is excellent and we use to come here for carry out and then as they grew we would start eating inside.   I always bring my guest to this restaurant, " said Chattahoochee Co. Resident Bonnie Kennedy.

Cox says she has really enjoyed serving Chattahoochee County for nearly 30 years and she plans to keeping the restaurant open as long as she can.