Well users are encouraged to conserve water

Some people are digging wells, to lessen the need for river water.

Now Georgia's drought response team says private well owners need to conserve water, like everybody else.

Officials say the drought even can make underground water sources go dry.

If you own a well, remember...it's your responsibility to run tests and make sure the water is safe to drink.

Now to the latest in the drought watch.

The U.S. Interior Secretary says the Bush Administration still has not decided what to do about water sharing.

Senator Jeff Sessions is the latest Alabama official to plead for things to remain unchanged.

He visited the Farley Nuclear Plant near Dothan.... And warned a lower flow will cause disruptions:

"When both reactors are on line, if the flow begins to decline, we can be in position where they don't have enough water, they can't draw out enough water to create the steam that they need and the flow would be so small that the water they put back in might be too warm to go back into such a small flow", said Sessions.

The governors of Alabama, Florida and Georgia are scheduled to meet with Bush Administration officials in Washington Thursday.