Brookstone and Pacelli to Battle It Out Over The Jug

For generations, the trophy known as "The Jug" has been passed back and forth between Brookstone School and Pacelli High School. The team that wins the Brookstone-Pacelli game gets to keep the jug--and bragging rights--for an entire year.

To some, it may look like a milk jug. But to the students of Brookstone and Pacelli, The Jug holds just as much importance as the Stanley Cup or the Lombardi Trophy.

"It's basically for who has bragging rights and who's the better team at the end of the year," said Toby Kuforigi, a Brookstone senior who plays outside linebacker and tight end for the football team.

At times, The Jug has been used to settle arguments between students at each school.

"Any argument. 'We have the jug' always wins'," explained Frank Schley, another Brookstone senior football player.

The score of each Brookstone-Pacelli game is recorded on the side.

"The jug has a certain number of slots, and whoever wins the jug gets to keep the jug for that year. When the slots run out, whoever wins the jug the most gets to keep the jug. Forever," explained Brookstone senior, John Martin.

Currently, there are three Jugs in existence. Pacelli and Brookstone each have one of the retired Jugs, and the current jug rests in Brookstone's possession, where it has been for the past two years. The red and blue milk jug is a testament to the rivalry that has lasted for decades.

"It's always been that way, we've always had that rivalry ever since the 70's, when my dad went here. He said it's the same as it was then," Schley said.

Some say the jug goes back even further than that. Faculty at Pacelli High School say they have evidence of a fourth, much smaller Jug--the product of the first-ever Brookstone-Pacelli match-up.  A small silver chalice records the score of a 1958 game between Holy Family High School--now called Pacelli, and Trinity High School--better known as Brookstone.

It seems Pacelli possesses the very first Jug, and students there want to win the current one back, too.

"Going into your senior year, your ultimate goal is to beat Brookstone, really, and they've beat us the last two years," said Jacquise "Speedy" Terry, Pacelli's senior running back.

"We've been working hard all year and we hope we can go 10-0, which would include beating Brookstone, and bringing The Jug back home," said David Miller, a Pacelli senior tight end.