Staph Infections Cause Local Schools To Be Proactive

Over 10,000 letters went home to Lee County parents earlier this year, outlining ways to keep their kids from contracting the staph superbug.

This year, Lee County reports only five staph infections in their entire school system, all at smith station elementary.

"We've been fortunate, we haven't had any cases of MRSA, only a few regular cases," said Lee County Interim Superintendent Dr. Stephen Nowlin.

Many parents worry about the cleaning techniques schools are using after a staph infection is reported in a classroom.

School nurses say since staph is a common bacteria, no special procedures are needed.

"We don't need to shut down the school or do any other disinfecting practices other than our routine cleaning," said Muscogee County Schools Lead Nurse Darlene Shirley.

The one thing everyone can agree on is the importance of hand washing to fight the infection.

But one parent says a local high school is not providing the tools to do that.

In an email sent to WTVM, they write,"There has been a lot of talk about staph infection at Hardaway high. My son has told me that the bathrooms in school have no soap or paper towels..."

Muscogee county officials say that is not the case, and soap is readily available in every school.

"We teach hand washing classes, and there is hand sanitizer in every single lunchroom at the beginning of the lunch line, and many teachers also have hand sanitizer in their classrooms," said Shirley.