Wilson Apartment Murder Suspect Goes To Court, and The Victim's Family Says He Must Pay

"My sister ain't give my brother no gun, she is 5 months pregnant in the 12th grade, what's she gonna do with a gun? My brother did that on his own," said Tiara Bartlay, Briceton Goober's sister.

She talks about the day her brother allegedly shot Dwayne Cherry in the head.

Now, both her brother and sister are in jail for the 19-year old's murder.

Police say Asia Jackson gave the gun to Briceton Goober and he pulled the trigger.

Bartlay says her sister is innocent.

"My brother shot him, my brother did it, now they need to let my sister go. I'm sorry for what happened, but I've got grief too, my brother is fitting to do life in prison," said Bartlay.

The victim's family says it doesn't matter who brought the gun...

"Dwayne is gone, we don't have him anymore, 19 years old, and he can't be a father, a brother, a cousin. I have more sympathy for my mother, my sisters, my nieces and nephews...someone has to pay," said Linda Mayes, Dwayne Cherry's Aunt.

Mayes says the fight between Goober and Cherry, who used to be neighborhood friends, should not have resorted to deadly violence.

"It's got to be a learning lesson for all families, there are too many weapons out here," said Mayes.

Both Briceton Goober and Asia Jackson face charges of murder and posession of a firearm while committing a crime.