9-year-old Albany boy shot in the face

Albany--  Two juveniles are in custody and charged in connection with the shooting of a 9-year-old boy in Albany.

Albany Police say it all started Saturday afternoon after a fight between two adults and two juveniles in the 1300 block of Mulberry. The adults called police when they realized the 15 and 16-year-old had guns in their possession.

So they wouldn't get caught, the teens then handed the guns off to a 12 and 9-year-old who took the guns back to a home at 203 North Central Street. That's where police say the children were playing with the guns and the 12-year-old accidentally shot his cousin, 9-year-old Zacobe Ford in the face.

Ford was able to talk with police before he was taken to the hospital.

"They were able to talk with the victim a little bit. He gave them some information so they're still trying to decipher through what he was able to tell them," said Phyllis Whitley-Banks with Albany Police.

The 12-year-old shooter is charged with reckless conduct and possession of a gun by a person under the age of 18. The 15-year-old is charged with simple assault and other various gun charges. Both are in custody at the Regional Youth Detention Center.  Police are still looking for a 16-year-old in connection with the case.

Ford was taken to Phoebe after the shooting but was later transferred to a Macon hospital. Police say charges are also pending against him.