Super List: These Toys are Off Limits!

News Leader 9's ConsumerWatch has compiled a list of recalled toys.  We all know that toys will be a hot buy this season and you and your little ones need to know which ones are not safe.

This list of recalled toys was taken from the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Website.

The toys are listed in alphabetical order. Print out this list and take it with you during you holiday shopping.

If you would like more information on a recalled product, don't forget to check out the links attached to this story.


12 Inch Teddy Bear Recalled by Country Cozy's
 AA Importer Inc. Recall of Push and Electronic Toys
 AAFES Expands Recall of "Soldier Bear" Toy Sets Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard
 AAFES Recalls "Soldier Bear" Toy Sets Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard
 Accoutrements Announce Squeak Toy Recall
 Acme Premium Supply Corporation Recalls Siren Whistles
 Activity Center Recalled
 Additional Reports of Magnets Detaching from Polly Pocket Play Sets Prompts Expanded Recall by Mattel
 Additional Spinning Top Recalled by Schylling Associates Due To Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Advantage Publishers Group Recall of Children's Activity Books
 Aldi, Inc. Recalls Mykids Bump-And-Go-Wonder Loco Due To Choking Hazard
 Alpha International Recall of Pedal Cars
 Ambi Jack in the Ball Toy Recalled by Five Importers
 Ambi Mini Racer Recalled by Toy Importers
 American Greetings Corp. Recall of Crazy Bounce Balls
 American Greetings Corporation Recall of Fairy Wand Party Favors
American International Recalling Doll Because Of Potential Choking Hazard
 Amscan Recall of Bracelet and Necklace Party Favor Toys
 Animal Voices Musical Toys Recalled By Toys R Us
Applause, Inc. Recalls Stuffed Toy Because Of Potential Choking Hazards
 Aprica Ride-On Toy Recalled
 Arcotoys Announce Disney Play 'N Pop Activity Toy Recall
Arcotoys Offers Parts Exchange For Disney Donald Fun Farms And Disney World Airport Toys
Artsana Of America (Chicco) Voluntarily Begins A Corrective Action On "Spinning Bee" Toy
 Artsana Of America Inc. Recalls Decoy Duck Pull Toys
 Associated Electrics Inc. Recall of Battery Chargers for Radio Control Race Cars
 Avon Products Inc. Recall to Repair Jack-In-the-Box Toys
 Babies "R" Us and Playwell Recall of Snail Push Toys
 Baby Buzz'r International Recall of Toy Baby Buzz'r
 Baby Cookie Monster Toys Sold with DVD at Wal-Mart Recalled for Choking Hazard
 Baby Jumper Seats & Construction Toys Recalled by Fisher-Price
 Baby Rattle & Colorforms Puzzles Recalled by Toys-R-Us
 Baby Rattle With Whistle Recalled By Everlast Industrial Co. of NY
 Baby Rattles Recalled by U.S. Toy
 Baby's Bucket-Sorting Toys Recalled Due To Potential Choking Hazards
 Baja Products Recall of My First Crayon-BallsTM and My First Crayon-BallTM Activity Sets
 Banned "Snoopy" Bank Recalled by Ideal Toy Corporation
Banned Clown Dolls Seized By Feds: Choking Hazard Cited
 BarbieTM Sunglasses Recalled by IMT Accessories
 Bath Toys Voluntary Recalled to Remove Squirting Fish by Sassy, Inc.
 Battat Inc. Recalls Parents® Magazine Toy Cell Phones for Choking Hazard
 Battat Recall of Drumsticks Sold with Toy Drum Sets
 Battery Packs for Toy Vehicles Recalled by JAKKS Pacific Due to Fire Hazard
 Battlestar Galactica space toys Replaced by Mattel
Bead Coaster Recalled by Maxim Enterprise and Zany Brainy
 Beanbags Sold With BarneyTM Hopscotch Game Towels Recalled by Franco
 Bee International Recalls Ma and Baby Bunny Due To Choking Hazard
 Bendable Dinosaur Toys Recalled by Kipp Brothers for Excessive Lead
 Big Save International Corp. Recalls Toy "Play Tool Truck"
 Black & Decker Recalls Surge The Reversible Shar-Pei Dog Hand Puppet; Possible Choking Hazard
 Blow-Gun Toys Recalled by Western
Blue Box Crib Toy Recalled
 Blue Box Toys Inc. Recalls Activity Water Ball
 Bookspan Recalls Clip-on Baby Books Due to Choking Hazard
 Bookspan Recalls Discovery Bunny Books Due to Choking Hazard
 Brand Imports, LLC Recall of Children's Rings
 Brik Toy Company Recalls "The 3-In-1 Construction Table" Due To Potential Choking Hazard
 BRIO Recall of Toy Trumpet
 BRIO® Corp. Recall of Curious George Toys
 BRIO® Corp. Recalls Pull-Along Snail Toy Due to Choking Hazard
 BRIO® Corporation and Small World Toys Snail Pull Toy Recall
 BRIO® Corporation Caterpillar Pull Toy Recall
BRIO® Recall of Toy Baking Sets
 BRIO® Recall of Toy Drums
 Build-A-Bear Workshop Recall of Stuffed Bears
 Burger King and Alcone Kid's Meal Toy Recall
Burger King and Alcone Recall of Two Kids Meal Toys
 Busy Poppin' Pals Toys Recalled by Playskool
Busy School Bus Toys Recall/Replacement by Playskool
 Cabbage Patch Kids® Snacktime Kids Dolls Refunded by Mattel
 Cage Bell Musical Instruments for Babies Recalled for Choking Hazard
 California Company Agrees to Pay $125,000 Fine for Importing Illegal Toys
 California International Trading Recall of Pacifiers and Two Electronic Toys
Candlewick Press Recall Children's Board Books
 Candy Filled Toy Funglasses Are A Choking Hazard
 Caterpillar Toys Recalled by Child GuidanceTM
 CDX Trading Inc. Recall of Toy Jets
 Certain Crayons Recalled by Concord Enterprises
 Chadwick-Miller, Inc. Recalls Toy Train Due To Choking Hazard
 Chariot Victor Publishing Announce Recall of VeggieTales' Dave and the Giant Pickle Playset
 Cheerios With "Powerball" Premium Sales Recalled by General Mills
 Chicago Bears Bobble Head Figurine Recall
 Chicco Crib Toy Recalled by Artsana of America
 Chicken Limbo Party Games Recalled After 23 Reports of Injuries
 Chick-In-Egg Squeaker Toy Recalled
 Children's Brooms Recalled by EMSCO Inc.
 Children's Cooking Sets with Glass Lids Recalled for Laceration Hazard
 Children's Jewelry Sold at American Girl Stores Recalled for Lead Poisoning Hazard
 Children's Outdoor Water Toy Corrected by Wham-O
 Children's Picnic Sets Recalled by Mervyn's
 Children's Play Tables Recalled by Shelcore
 Children's Toy Jewelry Recalled Due to Aspiration Hazard
 Children's Toy Rakes Sold Exclusively at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Recalled Due to Violation of Lead in Paint Standard
 Children's Wands Recalled by Meijer Inc.
 Child's Death Prompts Replacement Program of Magnetic Building Sets
 Chilton-Globe, Inc. Recalls Evenflo Mini Nursers Doll Care Set Due To Choking Hazard
Choking Hazard Leads To Recall Of 2 Dolls
Choking Hazard Prompts Pacifier Holder Recall
Choking Hazard Prompts Recall Of Crib Toys, Dolls
Choking Hazard Prompts Recall Of Flower Rattle
Choking Hazard Prompts Rite-Aide Doll Recall
 Choking Hazard Prompts Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. To Recall Bunny On A Stick
Choking Hazard: Firm Recalls Rattle Caps For Baby Soap, Cologne
Christmas Stocking Decorative Bear Recalled As Choking Hazard
Christmas Stocking Decorative Bear Recalled As Choking Hazard
 Chuck E. Cheese's Recall of Plastic Siren Whistles
 CKI Recalls Children's Decorating Sets Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard; Sold Exclusively at Toys "R" Us
Coca-Cola Foods Recalls Its "Cool Cuffs"
 Colbert Collection Recalls Wooden Armadillos
 Colorbök Announce Recall of Blue's CluesTM Toy Notebooks
Commission Announces Larami Fire Company Recall
 Consolidated Stores Corp. Announce Mini Puzzle Recall
 Cool Flute and Binoculars Recalled by Kellogg
 Coynes, Inc. Recalls Musical Cordless Toy Telephone
 CPSC and Charpente Announce Pull Toy Recall
 CPSC and Christmas Tree Shops Announce Toy Truck Recall
 CPSC and Dairy Queen Recall Toy Water Batons
 CPSC and Dakin Inc. Urge Consumers To Remove Small Pom Poms
 CPSC and Dan Brechner Announce The Recall Of Toy Bracelets and Wooden Dump Trucks
 CPSC and Determined Productions Inc. Announce Recall of Wendy's Felix the Cat Roller Fun Balls
 CPSC and Division Sales Announce Recall of Baby Buzz Infant Toys
 CPSC and Division Sales Inc. Announce Wooden Toy Truck
 CPSC and Everything's A Dollar Announce Toy Truck Recall
 CPSC and Gerber Products Co. Announce "Flip Fingers Rattle" Recall
 CPSC and Gibson Greetings Announce Stuffed Animal Recall
 CPSC and Hebron Imports Announce Pom Pom Drum Toy Recall
 CPSC and Importers Announce Recall of Toys and Rattle
 CPSC and Jade Express Inc. Announce Baby Rattle Set Recall
 CPSC and Jade Express Inc. Recall Baby Rattle Sets
 CPSC and Kenner Announce Recall Of "Colorblaster" 3-D Spray Art Toy
 CPSC and Kids II Announce Recall of SnackTime Stroller Toy Bar
 CPSC and Kreiner Imports Announce the Recall of Kinder Chocolate Eggs Containing Toys
 CPSC and M. Pressner & Co. Recall Toy Necklace
 CPSC and Man's Trading Co. Announce Recall of Rolling Clock Push Toy
 CPSC and Mcdonald's Notice Of Doc Delorean Exchange
 CPSC and MDK Inc. Recall Model Trains
 CPSC and Playskool Issue Safety Alert for Moon Bouncer
 CPSC and PriceCostco Recall Animated Santa
 CPSC and Radio Flyer Announce Recall of Little Wood Wagon
 CPSC and Safety 1st Announce Recall to Replace Bouncing Buggy Toys
 CPSC and Sanrio Inc. Announce Recall of Mascot Plushes Animal Toys
 CPSC and The Bazaar Inc. Announce Recall Of Vinyl Squeeze Toys
 CPSC and The Mazel Co. Announce Teddy Bear Recall
 CPSC and Toy-O-Rama Announce Stuffed Animal Recall
 CPSC and Wholesale Warehousing Recall Toy Truck
 CPSC Announces Recalls Of Imported Crayons Because Of Lead Poisoning Hazard
 CPSC, Al-Dan Trading Inc. Announce Recall of Infant Toys
 CPSC, Al-Dan Trading Inc. Announce Recall of Wooden Vehicle Toys
CPSC, Almar Sales Co. Announce Recall of Children's Jewelry Sets
 CPSC, Arby's Announce Recall of Toy Saxophones
 CPSC, Atico International Announce Recall of "Eyeball" and Smiley Face Floating Balls
 CPSC, BRIO Announce Recall of Wooden Clown Toys to Replace Hats
 CPSC, Catton Brothers Corp. Announce Recall of Disney Babies Romper Sets for Boys and Girls
CPSC, Crate & Barrel Announce Recall to Repair Toy Chests
 CPSC, Creative Products Inc. Announce Recall of Toy Jewelry Sets
 CPSC, Effanbee Doll Company Announce Recall of Miniature Rocking Chairs
 CPSC, Etna Products Inc. Announce Recall of Wooden Toy Cars
 CPSC, Firms Announce Recalls of Toys
CPSC, Firms Announce Swimming Pool Dive Stick Recall Because of Impalement Risk to Children
 CPSC, Fisher-Price Announce Recall of Infant Toys
 CPSC, Fisher-Price Announce Recall of Toy Police Cars
CPSC, Gateway Announce Recall of Foam Rubber Toy Cows
CPSC, Hasbro Announce Recall to Repair Star WarsTM LightsaberTM Toys
 CPSC, IKEA Announce Recall of Stuffed Animals
CPSC, In-Mar Trading Inc. Announce Recall of Jet Fighter Toy and Various Squeak Toys
 CPSC, KB ToysTM Announce Recall of Bubble BeautiesTM Floating Balls
 CPSC, Klutz Inc. Announce Recall of Chinese Jump Ropes
CPSC, Kmart Corp. Announce Recall of Inflatable Baby Floats
 CPSC, Laiko International Announce Recall of Knock-A-Block Wooden Toy
 CPSC, LeapFrog Announce Recall to Repair "Alphabet Pal" Educational Pull Toys
CPSC, Manufacturers Announce Recall to Replace Toy and Youth Basketball Nets
 CPSC, Michael Friedman Corp. Announce Recall of Rattles
 CPSC, Multiple Firms Announce Recall of Children's Toy Jewelry
 CPSC, Nadel & Sons Toy Corp. Announce Recall of Stuffed Bears
 CPSC, Nancy Sales Co. Inc. Announce Recall of Bean Bag Crab Toys
 CPSC, Novi Kids Announce Recall of Halloween Bounce Balls
 CPSC, Ohio Art Company Announce Recall of Splash Off Water Rockets
 CPSC, Oscar Mayer Announce Recall to Replace Decals on Pedal Cars Because of Lead Hazard
 CPSC, Payless ShoeSource Announce Recall of Child's Novelty Purses
 CPSC, Placo Announce Recall of Star Wonders Flying Dolls
 CPSC, Playskool Announce Recall of "Weebles Tractor" Toys
 CPSC, Playskool Announce Recall of Additional 170,000 Busy Poppin' Pals Toys
CPSC, Restoration Hardware Inc. Announce Recall of Stuffed Sock Monkeys
 CPSC, Rite Aid Corp. Announce Recall of Two Flying Dolls
 CPSC, STK International Announce Recall of Baby Rattles
 CPSC, STK International Announce Recall of Clock Tambourine Toys
CPSC, T.S. Toys Announce Recall of Activity Block Sets
 CPSC, Tara Toy Corp. Announce Recall of Flying Dolls
 CPSC, Target Stores Recall Inflatable Snoopy Christmas Toys
 CPSC, The First Years Announce Recall to Repair High Chair Gym Toys
CPSC, Tiger Electronics, Ltd. Announce Recall to Replace "Pooh Poppin' Piano" Toys
 CPSC, Tonka Announce Recall of Soft Walkin' Wheels Toy Vehicles
CPSC, Toys "R" Us Announce Recall of "Bathtub Baby" Doll Sets
 CPSC, Toys "R" Us Announce Recall of Children's Soap Craft Set
 CPSC, United Tradeline Announce Recall of Toy "Hot Pet Car"
 CPSC, Warner Bros. Stores Announce Recall of Tweety Key Rings
Craft Dolls And Rattles Recalled For Possible Choking Hazards
 Craft Dolls Recalled By Wang's International
 Craft Dolls Recalled; Arms May Present Choking Hazard
 Creative Consumer Concepts Inc. and Whataburger Inc. Recall of Kid's Meal Toys
 Creative Products, Inc. Recalls Lovely Sonny Doll Due To Choking Hazard
Creative Years Blocks Toy Train Are Recalled
 Crib Decorations Recalled by Rainbow Artisans
 Crib Exercisers Recalled by Play Spaces
 Crib Pals Rattles Recalled By Toys-R-Us
 Crib Toy Safety Alert issued by Fisher-Price
 Crib Toys Recalled by Durham Industries
 Crib Toys Recalled by Johnson & Johnson
 Cupie Dolls #6342 Recalled by 5th Avenue Dolls
 Curiosity Kits Inc. Recall of Discovery Kids Pottery Wheel Kits Sold at Discovery Channel Stores
Curious George Musical Pull Toys Recalled by Prestige Toy Corp.
Curious George Plush Dolls Recalled By Marvel Toys Due to Risk of Lead Exposure
Customs' Seizure Leads To Recall Of Toy Rattles
Cutie Pie Dolls Recalled For Potential Choking Halzards
 Dan-Dee International Announce Teddy Bear Recall
 Dennis Foland Inc. Merchandising Service Recalls Chuck E. Cheese Tambourine
 Determined Productions Recall of Plush Toys Sold at Kohl's Department Stores
 Dillon Importing Company Recalls Toy Jewelry
 Direct Connection, Inc. Recalls Musical Dolls Due To Choking Hazard
 Direct Source International Announce Plastic Halloween Bucket Recall
Discovery Toys Children's Toy Phone Recall
 Discovery Toys Recall of Children's Toy
 Disney Baby Play Gyms Recalled by Illco Toy Co.
 Disney Store Recall of Monsters, Inc. Character Plush Dolls
 Division Sales Announce Recall Of Funtasty Speed Boat Toy
 Division Sales Announce Wooden Caterpillar Recall
Division Sales Recalls "Train Alphabetic Spelling" Toy Because Of Potential Choking Hazard
 Division Sales, Inc. Announce Wooden Toy Truck Recall
 DK Publishing Recall of Children's Board Books with Sound Makers
 Dolgencorp Inc. Announce Recall of Toy Telephones
 Doll Feeding Sets Recalled by Dollar Tree
 Dollar General Corp. Recall of Dive Sticks
 Dollar Tree Stores Announce Wooden Toy Truck Recall
 Dollar Tree Stores Inc. Recall of Electronic Musical Toys
 Dollar Tree Stores Inc. Recall of Plush Bears and Snowman Dolls
 Dollar Tree Stores Inc. Stuffed Pool Animal Recall
 Dollar Tree Stores Inc. Toy Sponge Recall
 Dorel Juvenile Group USA Recall to Repair Battery-Powered Ride-On Vehicles
 Douglas Company Recall of Plush Toys
 Dunkin' Donuts Recalls Glow Sticks Due to Choking and Strangulation Hazards
 E. Fomil & Sons, Inc. Recalls Eight Toys
 Easy Aces, Inc. Recalls Boo Pumpkins Because Of Dangerous Small Parts
 Easy-Bake Ovens Recalled for Repair Due to Entrapment and Burn Hazards
 Educational Games Recalled by Lakeshore Learning Materials
 Electric Rock Polishers Recalled by RAPCO
 Electric Toy Train Transformers Recalled by Reeves
 Electric Train Transformers Recalled by Boyd Models
 Electronic Toy Guitars Recalled, Small Parts Pose Choking Hazard
Enchanted Garden Inchworm Pull Toys Recalled by Manhattan Group
 Estes-Cox Radio Control Airplanes with Lithium Polymer Batteries Recalled for Fire Hazard
 Etna Products Company, Inc. Recalls Toy Wagon Due To Choking and Lead Hazard
 Eveready Battery Co. Inc. Recall of Kidz Club Flashlights
 Eveready Battery Co. Recalls Toy Flashlights Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Everything's A Dollar, Inc. Recalls Toy Wooden Block Truck Due To Choking Hazard
Eyes And Nose Are Choking Hazards On Koala Bear Fur Banks
 Fao Schwarz Announce Children's Sewing Board Recall
 FAO Schwarz Inc. Recall of Fire Engine Pull-Along Toys - Toys Must Be Returned by March 31 to Receive Refund
 Far East Brokers and Consultants Inc. Recall of Kiddie Car Cruisers Sold Exclusively at Big Y Stores
 Faratak, Inc. Recalls Musical Dolls Due To Potential Choking Hazards
Firms Announce Recall of Stuffed Animal
Firms Announce Recall of Toy Trucks
Firms Announce Recall of Wooden Shape Sorter Toys
 First & Main Inc. Recall of Plush Toys
 Fisher Price Recalls Go Diego Go Boat Toys Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
Fisher-Price Announce Recall to Repair Power Wheels Ride-On Battery-Powered Vehicles
 Fisher-Price Recall of Crib Mobile Toys
 Fisher-Price Recall of Little People® Animal Sounds Farms
 Fisher-Price Recall of Pogo Sticks
 Fisher-Price Recall of Push Toys
 Fisher-Price Recalls "Laugh and Learn" Bunny Toys Due to Choking Hazard
 Fisher-Price Recalls Bongo Band Toys Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Fisher-Price Recalls Geo Trax Locomotive Toys Due To Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Fisher-Price Recalls Infant and Toddler Toys
 Fisher-Price Recalls Infant Musical Toy Chair Posing Strangulation Hazard
 Fisher-Price Recalls Kiddicraft Racing Rover Car
 Fisher-Price Recalls Licensed Character Toys Due To Lead Poisoning Hazard
 Fisher-Price Recalls Snuggle Light Doll
 Flying Copter Recalled by International Playthings
 Flying Helicopter Toy Recalled by Woolworth
 Flying Toy Helicopter Recalled Recalled by Reeves International
 Four Seasons General Merchandise Announce Pull Toy, Paper Weight, and Liquid Timer Recalls
 Four Seasons General Merchandise Recalls Educational Toys
Franklin Sports Recalls Baseball, Soccer Training Sets
 Front Porch Classics Recall of "Old Century Dread PirateTM" Coffee Table Games
 Gemmy Industries Corp. Recalls Flashing Eyeball Toys Due to Chemical Hazard
 General Mills Recalling Mini-projector Flashlights
 General Toys Recalls Wind-Up Toys
 Geometix International LLC Recalls MagneBlocksTM Toys, Ingested Magnets Pose Aspiration and Intestinal Hazards
 Get Up & Go Toy Walkers Recalled by Fisher-Price
 Giggle Stick Toys Recalled by CBS Toys
 Graco Children's Products Recall of Bumble Bee Toys with Blue Antennae
 Graco Children's Products Recalls to Replace Soft Blocks Towers on Activity Centers Due to Choking Hazard
 Graco Toy Track on Activity Centers Recall
 Guidecraft Inc. Recalls Children's Puppet Theaters Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Gund Inc. Recalls WoodlesTM Activity Toys for Choking Hazard
 Gym Sets Recalled by Creative Playthings
 Gymboree Announce "Gymrattle" Recall
 Halo Burger Recall of Flashlights and Batteries Sold in Kids Meals
 Hampton Direct Recalls Magnetic Toy Train Sets Due to Lead Exposure Risk
 Handi-Craft Company Recalls Three Toys
 HandsOnToys, Inc. Rattle Recall
 Harco, Inc. Recalls Rescue Truck
Hardees Recalls Its Ghostblasters Toys
 Hasbro Inc. Recall of Monster Rockets
 Hasbro Recall of NERF® Big Play FootballsTM
 Hasbro, Inc. Recalls "Love A Bye Baby"
 Hayes Siren Whistles Recalled
 HearthSong Recall of "Happyvillagers" Toy Sets
 HearthSong Recall of Children's Toy Balls
 Hedstrom Issue Safety Warning for My Pet Bear Ride-On Toy
 Helicopters Recalled by Blue Box
 Henry Gordy International Recalls Eggscavators Toy Trucks
 Hidden Hills Productions, Inc. Recall of Floor Mat Map Games
 Hyman Products, Inc. Recalls Jingle Bell Cat & Jingle Bell Dog Due To Choking Hazard
 IKEA Recall of Stuffed Teddy Bears
Illco Toy Company Recalls Mickey Mouse In N' Out School Bus
Illco Toy Company Recalls Spin Around Playhouse
 Imaginarium Recalls Toy "Fun Music Center"
 Imperial Toy Corporation Announce Toy Recall
 Imported Toys Recalled by Lil' Mort Sales
Inca Imports Recall Stuffed Bears
 Infant Playmats and Stuffed Skunk Toys Recalled
 Infantino Recalls Children's Toy Castles Due to Choking Hazard
 Infant's exercising Toy Recalled by F.A.O. Schwarz
 International Marketing Source, Inc. Recalls 600 Alphabet Block Sets
 International Playthings Inc. Recall of Toy Stacking Rings
 International Playthings Inc. Recall of Toy Vehicles
 International Playthings Inc. Recall of Toy Vehicles
 International Playthings Inc. Recall of Viking Chubbies Toy Cars
 International Playthings, Inc. Recall of Earlyears® Spirolly Rattle
 International Sourcing Ltd. Recalls Toy Dragster and Funny Car Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Inventory Liquidators Corp. Recalls Action Copter Happy Bird and Action Land-Cruiser Wanderer
 J.C. Penney Recalls DisneyTM Winnie-the-Pooh Play Sets Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Jak Pak, Inc. Recalls Rain Or Shine Dolls
 JAKKS Pacific Recall of "Spit Smatter" Spray Foam
 James Industries, Inc. Recalls Slinky Pull Toys
JA-RU "Blast Balls" Toy Recall
 JA-RU Offers To Replace Parts Of Play To Learn Furniture Set
 Jazwares Inc. Recalls Link-N-LiteTM Magnetic Puzzles, Ingested Magnets Pose Aspiration and Intestinal Hazards
 Jo-Ann Stores Expands Recall of Children's Toy Garden Tools Due to Violation of Lead in Paint Standard
John Lennon Crib Mobiles by the Betesh Group Recalled
 Johnson & Johnson Recalls Spin-A-Sound Toy
 Just Toys To Recall "Quick N' Easy Micro-Bake"
 KB Gear Toy Car Computer Mouse Set Recall
 KB Toys Recalls Wooden Toys Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Kellogg Company Recalls Bunny Rabbit Because Of Potential Choking Hazards
 Kenner Announces Repair Program On Its Colorblaster Spray Art Toy
 Kid Dimension Inc. Recalls "Littlest Pet Shop Tea Set"
 Kidpower Recalls Cars In "Zap Zap Racetrack" Sets
 Kids II Inc. Recall of Pop Links Toys
 Kids II Recall Butterfly Baby Toys
 Kids II Recall of Children's Mirror Books
 Kids II Recalls Baby Einstein Color Blocks Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Kids Station Inc. Recall of Children's Musical Drum Sets Sold Exclusively at Toys "R" Us
 Kindermusik International Recall of "Lily Pad Clacker" Instruments
 Klackeroo Infant Toys Recalled by Playskool
 Kmart Corporation Recall of Pool Pump Water Guns
 Kmart Recall of Wooden Toy Vehicles
K-Mart Recalling Two Rattles
 K'NEX Industries Recall of Children's Toys
 Kolcraft Toy Steering Wheels Sold on Strollers Recall
 L.M. Becker & Co. Inc. Recall of Toy Necklaces
 Lakeshore Learning Materials Recall of Doll Sets
 Lan Enterprises Recalls Doll Strollers After Child's Finger Tip was Severed; Product Also Poses an Entrapment Hazard to Young Children
 Lands' End Recall of Soft Farm Set
 Laugh & LearnTM Kitchen Toys Recalled by Fisher-Price Due To Choking Hazard
 Lauri® Inc. Toddler Activity Sets and Puzzles Recall
 Lead Paint Hazard Found In Four Children's Puzzles
 Lead Poisoning Hazard Prompts Recall of Fun Express Children's Toys Given Away at Libraries
 Lead-Containing Paint Ban
 LeapFrog Recalls to Repair Children's Activity Centers Due to Arm Entrapment Hazard
 Learning Curve Int'l Inc. Recall of Lamaze Activity Toys
 Lederer Industries Recalls Wisdom Blocks Train Set
 LEGO Building Set Toys Recalled by McDonald's
 LEGO Recalls Toy Trucks Due to Puncture Hazard to Young Children
 Lights, Camera, Interaction!, Inc. Recalls Fuzzy Puzzles
L'il Tots Crib Toy Recalled
 Link & Pan Of Texas Inc. and CPSC Recall Stuffed Bears
Lionel Leisure, Inc. Recalling Snoopy Wind-Up Train Because Of Small Parts
 Lite Machines Recall of Motor Speed Controller
 Little Tikes Co. Announce Toddle Tots Dinosaur Mountain Playset Recall
 Little Tikes Pop 'n Scoot Ride-on Toys Recall
 LJN "Sling 'Em-Fling 'Em" Wrestling Ring Toy Recalled
 Lord Howards Inc. Recalls Toy Helicopters
 Love Me Tender Dolls Recalled By Tonka Products
 Lovee Doll & Toy Co Recall of Talking Dolls
 M. Ginsburg & Co. Recalls Toy Nursing Bottle Due To Choking Hazard
Mackie International Inc. Recalls Fruit Drink Because Of Potential Choking Hazards
 Magic Cabin Recall of Wooden Toy Cars
 MagicCabin Recall of Toy Trucks
Magnet Games Recalled by Safari
 Magnetix Magnetic Building Set Recall Expanded
 Manley Toy Direct Zapper Toys Recall
 Mary Meyer Recall To Replace Plush Spider Baby Toys
 Mattel Recalls "Sarge" Die Cast Toy Cars Due To Violation of Lead Safety Standard
 Mattel Recalls Barbie and TannerTM Magnetic Toys Due to Magnets Coming Loose
 Mattel Recalls BatmanTM and One PieceTM Magnetic Action Figure Sets Due To Magnets Coming Loose
 Mattel Recalls Doggie Day CareTM Magnetic Toys Due to Magnets Coming Loose
 Mattel Recalls Various Barbie® Accessory Toys Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Mattel Voluntarily Recalls Disney Poppin' Sounds Pull Train
 Mattel, Inc. Recall of BATMANTM BATMOBILETM Toy Vehicles
 Maxim Enterprise Inc. Recall of Mini Learning Cube Toys Sold at Target
 Mccrory Corporation Recalls Funny Zig-Zag Copter and Wind-Up Circus Wagon
 Mccrory Corporation Recalls Play Cars Because Of Choking Hazard
 Mccrory Corporation Recalls Sweet Family Blessings Baby Doll
 Mccrory Stores, Inc. Recalls Toy Car Because Of Choking Hazard
 McDonald's "Scooter Bug" Happy Meal Toy Recall
 Megatech Recall of Rechargeable Battery Packs for Radio Controlled Airplanes
 Model WL-322 Flying Copter Recalled by Go Fly A Kite
 Musical Computer Toys Recalled by Tiger
 Musical Crib Mobile Recalled by Woodcrafter Kits
 Musical Rocking Horse Recalled
 My Baby Pumpkin Dolls Recalled by S & H
 Nebraska Importer Recalls "Funny Clown" Dressing Doll
 Neurosmith Recall of Children's Plush Toys
 New Easy-Bake Oven Recall Following Partial Finger Amputation; Consumers Urged to Return Toy Ovens
 New Star Toys & Gifts Inc. Recall of Toy Cars
 New York Firm Recalls Toy Police Car and Dumper
 New York Importer Announces Refund Program For "Funny Clown" Dressing Doll
 Nikko America Recall of Radio-Control Toy Trucks
 Nintendo of America Initiates Replacement Program for Wrist Straps Used with Controllers for the Wii Video Game System
 North American Bear Company Recalls Two Stuffed Animals
 Nylint Corporation Recalls Thomas The Tank Engine Toys
 Ocean Desert Sales Inc. Recall of Children's Stuffed Yarn Bunnies
 Official Chopper 9 Flying Toy Helicopter warned by Whimports
Ohio Company Sentenced for Selling Recalled Toys
 OKK Trading Recalls Baby Dolls Due to Choking Hazard
 Oriental Trading Company, Inc. Recalls Five Toys
 Oriental Trading Company, Inc. Recalls Two Wooden Trains Because Of Choking Hazard
 Painted Wooden Puzzles Recall by Little Headworks
 Palkar Recalls Plastic Building Blocks Sold In Toys "R" Us Stores
Palliser Furniture Ltd. Recall Toy Boxes
 Pamela Drake Inc. Recall of Wooden Push Toys
 Parents Urged To Remove Pom-Pom From Santa Barney; Choking Risk Cited
 Patagonia Inc. Announce Penguino Stuffed Toy Recall
 Peek-A-Boo Clown Baby Toys Recalled by F.J. Strauss
 Peg Perego Announce Recall of Children's Riding Vehicles
 Pier 1 Imports Recalls Pull Toys
 Planet Discovery Kid's Meal Toy Recalled by Chick-fil-A Inc.
 Plastic Ring Caps For Toy Guns Recalled by Acme Specialties
 Plastic Toy Figures Recalled by Sells Floto
 Playmobil Toys Recalled by McDonald's
 Playnation Play Systems Recall of "Fun Buckets" on Backyard Play Sets
 Playskool Inc. Announces Recall Of Its Playskool Teddy Bear
 Playskool Offers Free Gift For Busy Elephant Cord; Entanglement Risk Cited
 Playskool Recall of Magic Start Crawl 'n Stand Toys
Playskool Recalls Its Color In Contrast Busy Box
 Playskool Voluntarily Recalls Toy Tool Benches after the Death of Two Toddlers
Playwell Toy Announce Recall of Xylophone Mallets
 PlayWell Toy Company Recall of Activity Cubes
 Plush Rabbit Toys Recalled by Small Small World
 Plush Shape Sorters and Stacking Toys Recalled by Gymboree
Pokemon Balls Recalled by Burger King
 Pokémon USA Recall of Pokémon Plush Toys
 Pool Toys Recalled by Wild Planet Toys Due to Risk of Impalement Injury to Children
 Pop-Up Playhouse Modification by Fisher-Price
 Pot Belly Toy Animals Recalled by Daekor
Potential Choking Hazard Leads To Recall Of Rattles Distributed With Baby Bibs
Potential Strangulation Risk Prompts Toys R Us To Recall Crib Toy
 Pottery Barn Kids Wooden Clacker and Ride-On Toys Recall
 Precious Keepsakes Rattle Recalled by Russ Berrie & Co.
 Precious Moments® Tender Tails® Stuffed Toys Recalled by Enesco
Preschool Toys Recalled by Chicco USA Inc.
 Price Stern Sloan Announce Exploring Nature Science Activity Kit Recall
 Probe VI Battery-Powered Riding Toy Repair by Hedstrom
 Probe VI Riding Toy Repair by Hedstrom
 Pull Along Bear Brother & Pull Along Happy Bear Recalled By Falcon Impex
Push'n Pop Toys Recalled by Raymond Geddes & Co. Inc. of Baltimore, Md.
 QSP, Inc. Recall of Flying Saucer Toys
Race Car Collectibles Recalled by Action Performance Companies
 Race Cars, Jetplanes & Speedcycles Recalled by Acme Premium Supply
Racing Champions Ertl, Inc. Recall Children's Toy Toolboxes
 Radica USA Ltd. Recalls Baseball Video Games to Replace Bats
 Radio Control Toy Trucks Sold by QVC Recalled for Fire Hazard
 Radio Flyer Inc. Repair Ride-On Push Cars Recall
 Radio Flyer Inc. Steering Wheel on Toy Car Recall
 RadioShack Corp. Recalls Toy Pliers Due to Choking Hazard
 Rainbow Kids Dolls Recalled By Oriental Trading Co.
 Rainbox Bell Baby Rattles Recalled by LI Peng Enterprises
 Ranger International Corp. Recalls Wooden Puzzles
 Rattles & Pull Toys Recalled by Pay 'N Save
 Rattles Recalled by Montgomery Schoolhouse & Schowanek
 RC2 Corp. Recalls Additional Thomas & FriendsTM Wooden Railway Toys Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 RC2 Corp. Recalls Various Thomas & FriendsTM Wooden Railway Toys Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard
 RC2 Recalls Knights of the Sword Toys Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 RC2 Recalls Toy Keys Due to Choking Hazard
 Recall of Metal Toy Jewelry Sold in Vending Machines
 Recall of SummervilleTM Toy Truck Sets
 Reeves International, Inc. Recalls Kouvalias Music Toy Due To Potential Choking Hazards
 Regent Products Corp. Recalls Stuffed Ball Toys Due to Lead Hazard
 Remco Baby, Inc. Recalls Roll Back Wheel Toy
 Remote Control Flying Saucers Sold by QVC Recalled for Fire Hazard
Remote Controlled Toy Race Car and Galileo Weather Thermometer Recalls
Remote Controlled Toy Race Car and Galileo Weather Thermometer Recalls
 Remote-Control Helicopter Toys Recalled Due to Burn Hazard
 Remote-Control Helix Micro Helicopter Toys Recalled for Burn Hazard
 Replacement Instructions for Graco Activity Trays
Replacement Of "On" Switch Offered For Big Wheel Battery-Operated Riding Toy
Replacement Program For Baby Doll Pacifier
 Replacement Program For Sesame Street Rhythm Band Set
 Results of Investigation of Yo-Yo Water Ball Toys
 Riding Rabbit Wind-Up Toy Recalled
 Risk of Explosion and Hearing Damage Prompts Recall of Remote Control Airplanes
 Riviera Trading Inc. Recall of Children's Costume Bracelets
 Riviton Sets Recalled by Parker Brothers
 Road Racing Sets & Power Pack Toy Transformers Recalled by Strombecker
 Rose Art Children's Soap Making Kit Recall
 Royal Baby Rattles Recalled By Full House Manufacturer
 Ruby's Diner Inc. Recalls Giveaway Yo-Yo Toy for Choking Hazard
 Safari Ltd. Announce Recall of Toy Puzzles
 Safety Pin Rattle Recalled by Fiber-Craft Materials Corp.
 San Francisco Music Box Company Recalls Plush Animals Because Of Choking Hazard
 San Pacific International, Inc. Recalls Bamm-Bamm's Drum & Flute Toy
 Sandberg Manufacturing Company Recalls Caterpillar Pull Toys
 Sanitoy Announce Recall Of "Rolling Ball Rattle-Teether"
Sassy Rattle Recall
 School Specialty Publishing Recalls Children's Science Kits for Thermal Burn Hazard
 Schylling Associates Inc. Recall of Jack-In-the-Box-Type Toys
 Schylling Associates Inc. Recall of More "Jack-In-the-Box" Type Toys
 Schylling Associates Recall of Wooden Music Radio Boxes
 Schylling Associates Recalls Collectable Toy Robot Due To Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Schylling Associates Recalls Dizzy Ducks Music Box Due To Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Schylling Associates Recalls Duck Family Collectable Toy Due To Violation of Lead Paint Standard
Selecta Wooden Toys Recalled by Käthe Kruse Doll Co.
 Serious Injuries Prompt Recall of Mattel's Polly Pocket Magnetic Play Sets
 Serious Intestinal Injury Prompts Kipp Brothers Recall of Mag Stix Magnetic Building Sets
 Shake 'N Sort Rattles Recalled By Playskool
 Shakespeare Fishing Tackle Division Recall of Children's Fishing Poles
 Shure Products, Toys R Us Recall Art Set With Lead Poisoning Hazard
 Silver Rail Express Toy Train Recalled By New Bright Industries
 SimplyFun Recalls Ribbit Board Games Due to Risk of Lead Exposure
Skateboard Keychains Sold With Teddy Bears Recalled by Vermont Teddy Bear
 Sky Dancers® Flying Dolls Recalled by Galoob®
 SLM Corporation Recalls Toy Motorized Zippers Airplanes
 Small Plastic Animal Toys Recalled by Jack's
 Small Small World Recall of "Egg Dippers" Easter Plush Toys
 Small World Toys Announce Toy Bracelet, Vehicle Recall
 Small World Toys Recall of Children's Puzzle
 Small World Toys Recalls Children's Take-Apart Townhouse Toys; Detached Magnets Pose Aspiration and Intestinal Hazards
 Small World Toys Recalls Children's Wooden Sound Puzzles with Knobs for Choking Hazard
 Small World Toys Recalls Toy Vehicles for Choking Hazard
 Small World Toys Recalls Two Toy Necklaces
 Small World Toys Sorter Toys Recall
 Smurf Musical Crib Train Toys Recalled by Durham
 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Recall of Certain AC Adaptors Sold with Slim Version PlayStation® 2 Systems
 Southern Wood Products Recall of Children's Toy Box
 Speed Wheels Riding Toy Repair by Schaper Manufacturing
 Spin Master Radio-Controlled Toy Airplanes Sold Exclusively at Toys R Us Recalled for Burn Hazard
 Spin Master Recalls Aqua Dots - Children Became Unconscious After Swallowing Beads
 Spin Master Toy Plane Recall
 Spin Master Toys Recall of Water Rocket Toys
 Spinning Ride Toys Recalled by Today's Kids
 Splash & Stack Bluebird Toys Recalled by Fisher-Price
 Sportcraft Recalls Inflatable Bounce Houses Due to Impact Injury Hazard
 Squeaky Ducky Toy Recalled By Kiddie Products
 Squeeze Me Bear Toy Animals Recalled by Atlanta Novelty
 Squeeze Toys & Telephone Rattles Recalled By KMart
 Squeeze Toys Recalled by Crib Mates & Baby World
 Squeeze Toys Recalled by Cutoy
 Squeeze Toys Recalled by Danara
 Squeeze Toys Recalled by Danara International
 Squeeze Toys Recalled by Electra-Plastics
 Squeeze Toys Recalled by Reliance
 Stacking Toy Recalled For Choking Hazard Risk
 Star Sales Company Inc. Recalls "Baby Snack" and "Boat and Trailer" Toy Sets
 Star Sales Company Recalls Teddy Pet With Cassette
STK International Recall Children's Toys
 Stork Craft Manufacturing Inc. Recall of Toy Boxes
 Stuffed Animal Mobiles Recalled by Calderon
 Stuffed Animal Toys Recalled by Enesco
 Stuffed Baby Chicks Recalled by New Angles/Wallace Oaks & Hickory Valley
 Stuffed Bear Recalled by Toycraft
 Stuffed Bunnies Recalled
 Stuffed Chicks And Ducklings Recalled by New Angles
 Stuffed Plush Teddy Bear Banned by C.M. Paula Co.
 Stuffed Teddy Bear Toys Recalled by Far East International
 Stuffed Toy Bears Recalled by Superior & NIKE
 Stuffed Toy Mobiles Recalled by R. Dakin
 Stuffed Toys Recalled by Knickerbocker
 Stuffed Toys Recalled by Pier 1 Imports
 Suave Kids Bath Sets Sold at Wal-Mart Recalled for Choking, Other Hazards
Summer Infant Products Inc. Announce Recall of Crib Rail Toys
 Surprise Party Time Ball Toy Contains Look-Alike--Drug Capsules
 Sweet Home Shoe House Playset And Ice Cream Doll Recalled by Wisconsin Toy
 Swimways Corp. Recall of Pool Dive Sticks
 Swimways Corp. Recalls "Skippy" Pool Toys Due to Laceration Hazard
 T.P.I. Of Illinois, Inc. Recalls Three Toys
 Taco Bell Corp. Announces Voluntary Recall Of Promotional Items
 Tai Tung International Recall of Car and Washing Machine Toys
 Tai Tung International, Inc. Recalls Musical Ice Cream Vans and Lovely Dolls
 Tangled Treeples Toys Included in Kids Meal Recalled by KFC
 Tara Toy Corporation Recalls Sesame Street Nursery Set
 Tara Toy Corporation Recalls Sesame Street Push Power Toys
 Target Recall of Children's Toy Trucks
 Target Recalls "Play Wonder" Puzzle Tables for Choking and Laceration Hazards
 Target Recalls Activity Cart Toys Due to Choking Hazard
 Target Recalls Anima Bamboo Collection Games Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard
 Target Recalls Baby Rattles and Ornaments for Choking Hazard
 Target Recalls Children's Toy Gardening Tools and Chairs Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Target Recalls Toy Barbeque Grills Due to Laceration Hazard
 Target Recalls Various Toys Due to Lead and Laceration Hazards
 Target Stores Recalls "My First Buddys Pop Pop Cars" Due To Potential Choking and Aspiration Hazards
 Target Stores Recalls Trucks and Dolls Because Of Choking Hazards
 TDT Toy Company Recalls Plastic Telephones Because Of Potential Choking Hazards
 Tek Nek Toys Recall of Ride-On Toys
 The Americas Wooden Armadillo and Turtle Recall
 The Berton Company Recalls Infant Toy "Roll-Back Toy"
 The Betesh Group Recall of "Busy Bug" Plush Toys
 The Dollywood Company Recalls Plastic Rattle & Flute Toy Due To Choking Hazard
 The Gymboree Corp. Recalls Toy Swords Due to Breakage and Laceration Hazard
 The Little Tikes Co. Recalls Animal-Shaped Flashlights Containing Lead Paint Sold at Target
 The Mitchell Import Company Recalls Siren Whistle Toy Because Of Potential Choking Hazard
 The Orvis Company Recalls Children's Toys Sold with Sleeping Bags Due to Choking Hazard
 The Sportsman's Guide Announce Recall of the Big Red Wagon
 The Step2 Company Recall of Toy Drumsticks
 Thomas and Friends, Curious George and Other Spinning Tops and Tin Pails Recalled By Schylling Associates Due To Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Thunderbat Noisemaker Plastic Bats Recalled
 Tiffany and Company Recalls Paloma Rattles for Aspiration, Laceration Hazards
 TNT Fireworks Recall of Party Popper
 TOMY Company Recall of Pokémon Plush Toys
 Toy Airplanes Recalled by T.G. & Y
 Toy Baby Phone Recalled by Vtech
 Toy Balloon Recalled by Imperial
 Toy Bars Recalled by Maya
 Toy Bi-Plane Recalled Due To Potential Choking Hazards
 Toy Bunny Rabbits Recalled
 Toy Cars Recalled by Dollar General Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Toy Cars Recalled by Kellogg
 Toy Cars Recalled by Li Peng Enterprises
 Toy Cars Recalled for Choking Hazard
 Toy Chest Warning by Jackson Furniture
Toy Chests Recalled by Thornwood Furniture Manufacturing
 Toy Cork Gun Recalled by Eagle Family Discount Stores
 Toy Cork Rifles Recalled by F.J. Strauss
 Toy Drums Recalled by Eden LLC
 Toy Drums Recalled by The Boyds Collection Ltd. Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard
Toy Feeding Sets Recalled by Imperial Toy Corp.
 Toy Figures Recalled by Henry Gordy International Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
Toy Fire Boat Recalled By Target Stores
Toy Flashlights Recall
 Toy Golf Clubs Recalled by H-G Toys
 Toy Helicopters Recalled by Suarez Toy House
Toy Kitchen Is Recalled; Parts May Cause Choking
Toy Kittens Recalled by DSI Toys
Toy Manufacturers Announce Recall to Replace Toy Basketball Nets
 Toy Mobile Phones Recalled for Choking Hazard
 Toy Mobiles Recalled by Albert E. Price
 Toy Motorboat Recalled by Child World
 Toy Nursing Bottles Recalled
 Toy Phones Recalled for Choking Hazard
 Toy Phonograph Recalled by Electronic Creations
 Toy Power, Inc. Recalls Two Toys Because Of Potential Aspiration and Choking Hazards
 Toy Public Telephone Recalled By Goldwell International
 Toy Puzzles Recalled Due To Potential Choking Hazard
 Toy Racing Cars Recalled by Mccrory & Crest Industries
 Toy Stationery Sets Recalled By Toys-R-Us
 Toy Telephone Sets Recalled by Montgomery Ward
 Toy Telephones Recalled by Durham
 Toy Train & Music Box Recalled by Enesco Imports
 Toy Train Recalled By Merchandisers Association
 Toy Train With Small Parts Recalled by Electra Plastics
 Toy Trains Recalled by Janex
 Toy Vehicles recalled by Supreme Toys
Toy Xylophones by Dolgencorp Recalled
 Toys "R" Us Inc. Recalls Crib Pals Play Shapes Toy Because Of Potential Choking Hazards
 Toys "R" Us Recalls "Elite Operations" Toy Sets Due to Lead and Laceration Hazards
 Toys "R" Us Recalls Elite Operations Toys Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
 Toys "R" Us, Inc. Recalls Press'n Roll Boat Because Of Potential Choking Hazard
Toys "R" Us, Inc. Recalls Siren Whistle Toy Because Of Potential Choking Hazards
Toys "R" Us, Inc. Recalls Toot Toot Tug Boat Because Of Potential Choking Hazards
Toys "R" Us, Inc. Recalls Wooden Shaky Head Rattle Toy Because Of Potential Choking Hazards
 Toys and Rattles Recalled By Kaybee Toy & Hobby Stores
 Toys Included with Kids Meals Recalled by Fazoli's
Toys R Us Recalling 12,000 Baby Rattles
 Toys R Us Recalls Magic Feeding Bottles
 Toys Recalled Due To Potential Choking Hazard
 Tri-Star International Recalls Children's Toys Due to Choking Hazard
 Trolley-Ride Toys Repaired by Davis-Grabowski
 Tuesday Morning Inc. Announce Cobbler Bench Toy Recall
 Tweety Rattles and Sandals Recalled by Warner Bros. Studio
 Two "Bristle Block" Components Discarded/Replaced by Playskool
 Two Rainbow Bell Baby Rattles Recalled By TDT Co.
 U.S. Toy Company, Inc. Recalls Four Toys Because Of A Potential Choking Hazard
 Unilever Home and Personal Care USA Recall of Snuggle® Teeny Bean Bears Included with Fabric Softener
 Unilever Recall of Plush Snuggle® Bears
 Unitrade Marketing Group Recalls Peg Pounder
 Value Merchants Inc. Recalls Patty and Her Puppy and Triplet Dolls
 Value Merchants, Inc. Recalls Symphony Loco Train
 Voltron Lion Toys Recalled by Matchbox
 Wal-Mart Recalls Plastic Halloween Toy Trumpets
 Wal-Mart Recalls Stuffed Christmas Beagles Due to Choking Hazard
 Wal-Mart Stores and Infantino Recall of Fun Frog Soft Gyms
 Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Recall of Karaoke Cassette Player/Recorders
 Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Recall of Toy Sets
 Wal-Mart Stores Recall of Reef Rocker Infant Toys
 Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Recall of Woody Dolls
 Wang's International, Inc. Recalls Wooden Christmas Toy Trucks Due To Choking Hazard
 Water Toys & Toy Snake Recalled By Beachcombers International
 Water Toys Recalled
 Water Wiggle Toy Recalled by Wham-O
 Windmill Rattle Recalled by Artsana of America
 WL 322 Flying Copter Recalled by M.W. Kasch
 Wompkee Inc. Announce Recall Of "Wompkee" Stuffed Doll
 Wonder Spring Ride-On Horses Recalled By CBS
 Wooden Dog Pull Toys Recalled by Pottery Barn Kids
 Wooden Stacking Toys Recalled By Jack Rabbit Creations
 Wooden Toy Alphabet Blocks Recalled by M.W. Kasch
 Wooden Toy Fire Trucks Recalled by Marlon
 Wooden Toys Recalled Because of Lead Paint
 Woodworks Lace Up Horses Recalled By Reeves International
 Woolworth Recalls 34,000 "Pom Pom Animals"
 XL Machine Ltd. Recall Dollhouse Furniture Sets
 Zapper Toys Recalled by Eight Firms
 Zebco Recall of Children's Fishing Poles
 Zoll Woodworks Announce Recall Of "Fudge Pop" and "Lolly Pop" Rattles
 Zutano Recalls Stuffed Bunny Toys