Made in the USA: Safe Lead Free Toys

These toys are made in the USA and are lead free. You can print this list and take it with you shopping.

Each toy is listed in alphabetical order.


Aerobie Skylighter

American Plastic Beauty Salon

American Plastic Builders Bench

American Plastic Doll Care Center

American Plastic Doll Stroller

American Plastic Extreme Ride-In

American Plastic Monster Movers Set

American Plastic Toys Runabout Wagon

American Plastic Toys Trail Runner ATV

American Plastics Deluxe Shopping Cart

American Plastics My Very Own Kitchen

American Plastics Play Kitchen

American Plastics Play Laundry Center

American Plastics Play Nursery

American Plastics Pony Ride On

American Plastics Vanity

Artisan - SockadoodleDo Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Barclay Woods Premium Maple Toy Blocks Baby Kit

Beka Double Sided Easels

Beka Easel Accessories and Art Supplies

Beka Puppet Theaters

Beka Weaving Looms

Beka Wooden Blocks

Briarpatch 24 Countdown Game

Briarpatch A Little Golden Book Circle of Friends Tin

Briarpatch Groovy Girls Pet Show Game

Briarpatch I Spy Spooky Night Game

Briarpatch Spider-Man 3 Ultimate Power Game

Briarpatch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Card Game

Briarpatch The Little Mermaid Treasure Trove Game

Briarpatch Thomas Making Tracks Game

Briarpatch Thomas' Station Stop Matching Game

Camden Rose Kid Clamp Twist Set

Camden Rose Toddler Car

Camden Rose Wooden Cubes in a Bag

Channel Craft Boomerang

Channel Craft Bug Bingo

Channel Craft Dominoes

Channel Craft Heart Bubble Wand

Channel Craft Jetfire Glider

Channel Craft Jump Rope

Channel Craft Science Bingo

D & ME Handcrafted Toys Crane Truck

D & ME Handcrafted Toys Dump Truck

D & ME Handcrafted Toys Large Logger with Logs

D & ME Handcrafted Toys Swinging Doll Cradle

D & ME Handcrafted Toys Train - 7 Car Jumbo

D & ME Handcrafted Toys Train - Four Car Set

Fairy Finery Knights Costumes

Finga Zinga


Great American Puzzles

Green Toys Cooking Set

Green Toys Garden Set

Green Toys Gardening Set

Green Toys Sand Castle Set

Green Toys Sand Set

Holgate Classic Bingo Bed

Holgate Clock Learner Set

Holgate Color Cone

Holgate Mr. Roger's Finger Puppet

Holgate Mr. Rogers Track Size Trolley

Holgate Owl Finger Puppet

Holgate Rocky Color Cone

Holgate Toys Bingo Bed

Holgate Toys Block Wagon

Holgate Toys Police Car

Homevisions Music in Motion Roller Coaster

Il Cocco Di Mamma Hebrew Alphabet Blocks

Il Cocco Di Mamma Italian Alphabet Blocks

Il Cocco Di Mamma Russian Alphabet Blocks

Kathy's Kreations Natural Stuffed Animals

Kettler Pedal Car

Keva Planks

K'Nex 15th Anniversary Tub

K'Nex Silver Edition Value Tub

K'Nex Super Value Tub

K'Nex Value Tub

Kvale Games

Lauri Lace and Trace Dinosaurs

Lauri Lace-A-Bear

Lauri Lace-A-Scene Transportation

Lauri Toys 500 Rubber Letters Set

Lauri Toys Alphabet Puzzle Set

Lauri Toys Busy Bug Collector Game

Lauri Toys Cat and Kittens Puzzle

Lauri Toys Dino Adventure Play Set

Lauri Toys Dinosaur Lacing Activity Set

Lauri Toys Dinosaur Sticker Set

Lauri Toys Farm Animal Hand Puppets

Lauri Toys Flower Puzzle

Lauri Toys Horses & Ponies Activity Pack

Lauri Toys Lace a Puppet Toy

Lauri Toys Lace and Link Letters

Lauri Toys Merry Go Round Puzzle

Lauri Toys Number Express

Lauri Toys Rubber Lockatgons

Lauri Toys Rubber Stacrobats

Lauri Toys Shape & Color Sorter

Lauri Toys Space Shuttle Puzzle

Lauri Toys Stacker Pegs & Pegboard

Lauri Toys Toddler Tote Puzzle Toy

Lauri Toys USA Map Puzzle

Lauri Toys Word Starters

Life Style 101 Piece Play Food Assortment

Little Colorado Kid's Microwave Oven and Pantry

Little Colorado Log Cabin Play House

Little Colorado Play Microwave Oven & Pantry

Little Colorado Rocking Horse

Little Colorado Washing Machine

Little Colorado Wooden Sink, Stove, and Refrigerator Set

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

Little Tikes Easy Store Jr. Table

Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats

Made By Me - Do It Yourself Kit Truck Kit

Maple Landmark 2-Person Chinese Checkers

Maple Landmark Checker Set

Maple Landmark Combination Solitaire

Maple Landmark Standard Disk Rattle

Maple Landmark Wooden Duck

Maple Landmark Wooden Rattles

Market TeePees For Kids Fish Printed TeePee

Montgomery Schoolhouse Heirloom Spin Top Rattle

Montgomery Schoolhouse Original Midget Railway

Montgomery Schoolhouse Quack Along Pull Toy

Montgomery Schoolhouse Spinny Speller

Mossy Creek Woodworks Baby Rattle - Cherry

Mossy Creek Woodworks Hopping Rabbit Pull Toy

Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Blocks

My Unique Wooden Stack Hamburgers

My Unique Wooden Stick Horses

My Unique Wooden Toys Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

My Unique Wooden Toys Building Blocks

My Unique Wooden Toys Doll Houses and Furniture

My Unique Wooden Toys Play Farm Set

My Unique Woods Play House Kitchen Sets

NameTrains Town Set

Natural and Eco Organic Cotton Teddy Bear

Natural Eco Bunny Organic Cotton Stuffed Animal

Natural Eco Dog Organic Cotton Stuffed Animal

Natural Eco Elephant Organic Cotton Stuffed Animal

Natural Eco Puppy Organic Cotton Stuffed Animal

Natural Eco Rabit Organic Cotton Stuffed Animal

Natural Eco Turtle Organic Cotton Stuffed Animal

Natural Eco Whale Organic Cotton Stuffed Animal

Nico and Zoe Baby Clacker Rattle

Nico and Zoe Colorful Stripes Socktopi

Nova Natural Lawnmower Push Toy

Nova Natural Maple Teether

Nova Natural Old Fashioned Kitchen

Nova Natural Rainbow Tumbler

Nova Natural Rubberband Racer

Nova Natural Scale with Weights

Nova Natural Spinning Top

Nova Natural Wooden Yo Yos

Play Clay Play Kit - Primary Colors

Play House Furniture

Poof-Slinky 4" Mini Basketball

Poof-Slinky 6" Mini Football

Poof-Slinky Collector's Edition Slinky

Poof-Slinky Evel Knievel Deluxe Dare Devil Stunt Set

Poof-Slinky Gold Plated Slinky

Poof-Slinky Hairdo Harriet Magnetic Drawing Face

Poof-Slinky Mr. Machine

Poof-Slinky Original Metal Slinky

Poof-Slinky Paint Your Own Tee Pee

Poof-Slinky Pro Gold Football

Poof-Slinky Scorpion Bow

Poof-Slinky Soccer Balls

Radio Flyer Big Flyer Trike

Radio Flyer Deluxe Canopy Steering Bike

Radio Flyer Family Wagon

Radio Flyer Little Red Roadster

Radio Flyer Little Red Scooter

Radio Flyer Spring Horse

Rolli-Rider Mini-Bike

Roy Toy Build & Paint Log Cabin

Roy Toy Log Cabin Play Set

Roy Toy Log Cabin Playset

Roy Toy Woodlinks Barnyard Set

Sarah's Silks Pretend Play Canopies

Scale Model Car and Truck Toys

Smart Shapes and Stacking Pegs

Smethport Doodle Bug Magnetic Drawing Face

Smethport Magnetic Construction Site Play Set

Smethport Magnetic Doll House Play Set

Smethport Magnetic Dozer Toy

Smethport Magnetic Drawing Face

Smethport Magnetic Enchanted Sea Play Set

Smethport Magnetic Farm Play Set

Smethport Magnetic Foam Letters

Smethport Magnetic Pirate Play Set

Smethport Magnetic Zoo Play Set

SockadoodleDo Sierra the Sock Giraffe

Stack and Stick Building Blocks

Step2 Action Train Table

Step2 Angel Fish Rocker

Step2 Art Master Activity Desk

Step2 Cross Country Cargo Wagon

Step2 Doorway Playhouse

Step2 Flip & Doodle Easel Desk

Step2 Four Seasons Playhouse

Step2 Frog Sandbox

Step2 Luxury Sport Coupe

Step2 Mailbox

Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center

Step2 Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber

Step2 Naturally Playful Koala Climber

Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

Step2 Naturally Playful StoryBook Cottage and Sandbox Combo

Step2 Naturally Playful Teeter Totter

Step2 Nature Crepe Puzzle Set

Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage

Step2 Pink Power Racer

Step2 Push Around Buggy

Step2 Real Projects Workshop

Step2 Rumble Wagon

Step2 Sweetheart Playhouse

Step2 The Write Desk

Step2 Zip & Zoom Pedal Car

Tree by Kerri Lee Music Boxes

Tree By Kerri Lee Piggy Bank

Turner Toys My Very Own Rattle

Turner Toys Wooden Play Kitchen

Uncle Goose Alphabet Blocks

Uncle Goose Braille Blocks

Uncle Goose Classic Embossed Alphabet Blocks

Uncle Goose Decorative Baby Blocks

Uncle Goose Groovie Play Blocks

Uncle Goose Music Table

Vermont Teddy Bear Hug a Bear

Vermont Teddy Bear Misfit Bears

Vermont Teddy Bear Premium Teddy Bears

Vermont Teddy Bear Save the Bears Toys

Vermont Teddy Bears

Whittle Shortline Railroad Amtrak Train Station

Whittle Shortline Railroad Amtrak's F-40 Superliner Passenger Train Set

Whittle Shortline Railroad FedEx Truck White

Whittle Shortline Railroad Semi Truck

Whittle Shortline Railroad The Little Blue Engine

Whittle Shortline Railroad Train Engineer Hat

Whittle Shortline Railroad United States Postal Service

Wooly Hoodwink Dolls

Wooly Willy Magnetic Drawing Face

Xeco Game Board

Yomega The Original Yo-Yo With A Brain

Zome Explore Kit

Zome Green Explore Kit