Benefits of Weight Lifting

Lifting weights have proven to help people tone, lose weight, and add on muscle.  Studies have shown it can also help you when you aren't in the gym.

Lifting weights may look hard, but it can actually help you.  Experts says weight lifting helps with a lot of things, but what stands out is it helps you have more energy, shed fat, and makes you feel stronger.  "I lift five times a week.  It gives me energy throughout the day and it makes me feel good," said Kasey Kiker.

When most folks began an exercise regimen in the gym they assume if they do more cardio they'll lose more weight.  But the truth is you should do both cardio and weightlifting to see more results.  "If you come in here and just do cardio you are just burning calories while you are here.  However, if you do strength training you will burn calories a lot longer after the workout," said Fitness Trainer Kara Layfield.

Now the truth is when you lift weights, the scale may show you're gaining weight.  However, fitness trainers say you should know muscle weighs more than fat.  In the long run, muscle burns more calories than fat.  "So you have about 50 calories a day that a pound of muscle will burn as a posed to 3 calories a pound of fat will burn.  So it's a huge difference that a pound of muscle has opposed to a pound of fat," said Fitness Trainer Kelly Young.

So when you began lifting, you want think of excuses to skip your work-out.  You will be making excuses just to do one more set.