People Across Georgia Pray for Rain

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue designated Tuesday, November 13th, as a statewide day of prayer.  He is asking communities across Georgia to ask God to bring rain to the region, and today, the people of Columbus answered his request.

It's been about twenty days since Columbus has seen any measureable rain, so the city's religious leaders organized a prayer vigil on the steps of the government center.  About ten ministers led the group in prayer while several dozen people, holding hands, raising their eyes to the sky, asked God to bring some much needed rain to this drought-stricken region.

"The power of prayer unleashes the miracles of God. There have been many instances in the Word of God where the people prayed and because of their praying on one accord, God moved on their behalves," said Pastor Sharon Billings, who organized the event.

While the prayer vigil was taking place in Columbus, Governor Sonny Perdue and others led a prayer vigil on the state capitol steps in Atlanta.

"To all Georgians, all people who believe in the power of prayer, we ask God to shower our state, our region, our nation with the blessings of water," Perdue said as he addressed the crowd.

Governor Perdue has been asking Georgians to pray for rain for several months, but this is the first time he has officially designed a statewide day of prayer.

The people who attended the prayer vigil in Columbus say they believe God will listen.

"I'm just proud that he called for prayer and the people of Columbus came together because of that call and we could respond also," said Rev. Emory Gilbert, a retired Methodist minister.

And those prayers could be answered as soon as Wednesday.  The National Weather Service says there is a 40 to 50 percent chance of rain tomorrow in parts of north Georgia.