Businesses Owners Affected By Drought

The drought is having a positive affect on some businesses, while others are coming up with new ways to make a profit.

Now for Timp's Auto Shine off Macon road, owner Timothy Peterson says he has seen an jump in sales.  "We are getting more cars.  There were a lot of car washes that weren't licensed, so we picked up those people," said Business Owner Timothy Peterson.

Peterson says they conserve the amount of water they use by using nozzles on their water hoses.  On the hand, many people in the landscaping business are seeing a positive affects from the drought.  "I probably say about 30 to 40 percent in loss of calls because every one is afriad to spend money installing irrigation systems or anything requiring water," said Landscaper Joe McCown.

Since the drought many consumers are using decorative stone instead of putting out grass and plants.  "There are many different things we can do like hardscapes and rock gardens," said McCown.

Now many landscapers also told me you can plant drought resistant grass and plants that require less water. Many businesses i spoke to today say they are hoping we get more rainfall soon to alleviate the problems from the drought.