Columbus Police: Man Hacked Into Roof To Rob Bank

November 20, 2007

A suspect's plan to rob a bank backfires. Police say he made too much noise.

The break-in happened at the CB&T branch on Second Avenue Monday morning. Investigators say 49 year-old Anthony Jones hacked his way through the roof.

"I've never heard of someone going through a ceiling to break into a bank," said Raymond Hamilton.

Hamilton says he can't believe what happened at the CB&T Bank, next door to his house.

Monday morning, Hamilton's dogs were barking so he went outside to see what was going on.

"I noticed to the left, somebody had taken a ladder and gotten on top of the bank over there, and actually dug a hole, they dug in," said Hamilton.

Investigators say 49 year-old Anthony Jones tried to rob the drive thru bank by hacking a hole in the roof, and climbing in.

"You could see where the insulation had come out, you could see the hole where he had physically gotten in," he said.

But police say once Jones dropped down into the bank, there was no one left to rob.

"As he was coming through the ceiling into the working area of the drive thru, the employees hearing this, left the scene," said Lt. Gil Slouchick, from the Columbus Police Dept.

Investigators say when Jones tried to leave, bank employees caught him and he was later arrested.

Even though Jones is accused of breaking the law, Raymond Hamilton says he knows why someone would do this. "I started thinking, holiday season. I mean people got to get their money one way or another," he said.