North Columbus Athletic Club Giveaway Free Gym Membership And Personal Trainer

Monday morning, one by one we took our cameras to the homes and jobs of three people.

The first stop was to see Gillian Pate.  She told us this summer her son got into a fight defending her weight.  "When I asked him what he had been fighting about.  He was upset because a little boy had called me fat, so that made me want to do this and get in shape," said Pate.

On our next winner Katrina Green was not quite ready the first time, but eventually let our cameras in her home.  "I get to finally lose the weight and be a little more satisfied with how I look," said Green.

Finally we met Jennifer Meadows and she like the other two are excited about her new membership.  "I just had a baby.  I would like to be around for a long time to watch him grow up and be able to play with him.  I don't want to be out of breath.  I want to be able to keep up with him," Meadows.

My trainer Cindy Irwin will help all three women get a head start on a healthier life.  She's already mapped out personal goals for each winner.  "Just a lifestyle change for them to realize exercising can be fun.  I want them to know learning about nutrition and how to eat.  I hope this will eventually make their lives a lot healthier than they have been," said Irwin.