Day After Explosion Manchester Company Moving Forward

Employees at G & S Metal went back to work a day after an explosion rocked the city of Manchester.  They began the day in an orientation for about an hour and a half.

Cranes were brought in and employees spent the day cleaning up.

G & S Metal CEO Scott Galley says from an investigation, they found one employee brought a hopper from outside.  Galley goes on to say a second crew filled it with aluminum wheels to be melted.  "They dumped into the furnace without checking what was in the hopper and water and rims went in moulton bath.  The water tuned to steam causing the explosion," said Galley.

Company officials say the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has given them the okay to start back production and as for the ones at fault.  "Its just an oversight.  Basically its nothing, and they have been burnt, that's enough," said Galley.

Now the three victims sent to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta suffered severe burning. Galley says aluminum splashed on them and set their clothes on fire.  "There were some burns on their arms and upper torso and one had a small burn on leg," said Galley.

As for one victim, Titus McCord, who was sent to a local hospital.  McCord's family and friends are counting their blessings.  "He told me your big brother is still here and I said you make me laugh all the time, don't make me cry," said Victim's Friend Felicia Kempson.

Company officials are expecting production to be back in full force sometime in the middle of next week.  Now as for the cost of the damage, its still unknown at this time.