Proper Gym Etiquette

The cooler weather in the fall and winter normally force many people inside to exercise in area gyms.   That's why many gyms are asking people to follow proper etiquette.

There are four main tips that will make your gym experience and others very productive if you follow some simple rules.  They all have to do with safety and health.

Fitness Trainers say with big crowds being in during different times of the day.  It can help others out if you could simply share the equipment.  "Its very frustrating when you come and someone is sitting on a machine.  For example, they were having to wait for them to get off the machine.  Its great when folks share.  For instance when you finish let someone else work in," said Fitness Trainer Pilar Cobb.

The second tip is not everyone is as strong as you.  So its vital to put up equipment after using it.  "If you are strong enough to put it on there, you need to take it off and put it away.  If a small woman get on a machine and place large weights on there it could be difficult for her to get them off.  Therefore, it becomes a safety issue," said Cobb.

The biggest **NO** while working out in the gym on cardio equipment is not talking on your cell phone.  "Your work become less effective because focus is off what you should be doing.  Second you could trip and fall.  Now that can be a very dangerous situation," said Cobb.

Finally, some people sweat, and some more than others.  Just to keep things clean you should wipe equipment down afterwards and if you are going to wipe your face, "Bring 2 towels one for wiping machines and other to wipe face.  If you use the same towel for both you are putting the germs from the machines on your face."