Parent accuses mom of allowing underage drinking

Dec. 10, 2007

Smiths Station, AL (WTVM)- A Smiths Station parent is being accused by another parent of providing alcohol to her 17-year-old son and his friends. The concerned parent says her son was provide alcohol at this house. She dropped off a packet of suspicious photographs and postings from a MySpace page to Lee county investigators. The parent gave that same packet to News Leader 9.

Inappropriate and illegal is how a concerned Smiths Station parent describes the pictures and captions. The pictures were during a party at 44-year old Brenda Clement's house and posted by her high school son on his MySpace page. Some captions say, "Falls But keeps drinking." "That's a dedicated drinker right there." and "He really wanted that beer."

The pictures and the captions describe teens, some identified as Smith Station High School students, as drinking, throwing up and passing out at Clement's house. Other images show Clement hugging on of her son's teenage friends. It appears she is grabbing his butt.

The caption under that reads, "Mom Giving out Some Lovin."

"It does concern us. It appears to be young people, juveniles being unduly influenced by an adult," said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

But because pictures are the only evidence investigators have, they can't file charges. They say, the images could have been fake or posed.

"It may not be a technical violation of the law, but certainly you have to think you just don't do that," said Sheriff Jones.

News Leader 9 decided to got to Clement's home and ask her about the pictures and postings on her sons Myspace page.

You know the old saying looks can be deceiving well that's what these pictures are, I would never let any teen drink here," said Brenda Clement.

Clement says alcohol is not allowed in her house, because she takes medication that prevents her from drinking. But on her myspace page, she lists "yes" to drinking and smoking.

As for the captions, she says Clement faked the captions to look cool in front of his friends. She says he made up this posting about police busting one of the parties..

"We ended up drinking all the alcohol and as soon as we were finished we were all dancing and I hear a knock at the door, BAM the cops are standing there talking bout how they got a call of underage drinking they talked to my mom and searched the house a little but didn't find anything, so they left. HEE HEE we escaped again lol so, in the end two close calls and a great weekend," wrote her son.

Clement also defended a post she made on her page.

"Hey beautiful, like I said hope all had fun at party, I sure did, ha ha ha, can't wait for you to drop your paints again, boo ya mom." wrote Clement.

She says she was just kidding.

Unfortunately the parent who brought this issue to WTVM and investigators, backed out of an interview, because of a posting Clement's son made after we visited her home. In it, he tells the school, the concerned parent and WTVM to f-off. A friend, captioned "Parties so hard WTVM showed up" wrote "let kill em." It's that threat that made the concerned parent shy away from being on television, afraid for her safety.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Jones says although they can't file formal charges because they lack evidence, they are keeping a close eye on this yellow house in Smiths Station. As for Brenda Clement, she admits the pictures and captions look bad, but maintains her innocence.

"I would never let then do anything they weren't supposed to do, ever, that's why I want them to do it here, cause Mama's watching." she said.

We understand Smiths Station high school has also been notified of these alleged underage drinking parties. Counselors at the school identified some of the students in the pictures and called their parents. Clement says she was also called by the school and visited with the principal about the allegations.