Healthy for the Holidays

Many of you may be going to some holiday parties soon, and to avoid a growing gut, we've got some tips, which is for men, and women too.

Dieticians made a list for Men's Health magazine.  Here are a few appetizers you can eat:

Barbeque chicken wings, not the buffalo ones....Shrimp on a skewer, which is essentially fat-free...grab some Spinach triangles, high in antioxidants...and also good are Chicken on a skewer and Sushi.

Eat small amounts of the following:

Onion dip, and you're better off dipping with vegetables...Crab puffs, bad because of the cream and mayo...grab only one Pig-in-the-blanket...same for greasy mini Pizzas, both high in fat...and stop at three on Creamed Spinach pastries.

Nutritionists say avoid these at the party:

Cocktail Meatballs and Spring Rolls, both with much more fat than you think...and definitely no Mini Ham-and-Cheese Quiche, which they call the worst.

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-by Jason Dennis