Cool Gadgets & Gift Ideas

Guys like gadgets and some of the newest, coolest ones may make good gifts.  Here's a few examples as our "For Men Only" report.

Daylight Projection Clock (

You can turn any object in your house into a clock with the Oregon Scientific Projection Clock.  It also features a motion-sensor alarm clock and displays outdoor temperature, all for about $170.

Tiny Audio Bug Speakers for ipod (

Want to listen to your ipod without your headphones?  The audio bug speaker is small, very portable, and plugs directly into your ipod or mp3 player. It runs on AAA batteries and only costs $20.

12-Language Translator (

If you like to travel, especially in different countries, there's the Franklin 12-language translator. It translates, displays, even correctly pronounces over 400,000 words and 12,000 phrases, but does cost about $200.

Cradlepoint for Wifi (

And costing a little less than the previous gadget is the Cradlepoint, which gives you wifi internet access almost anywhere, by taking the internet connection from your Sprint or Verizon phone and turning it into a hot spot network.

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-by Jason Dennis