Dance Class Proven To Burn Calories

Many people always say they are going to start exercising and some just say they don't have the time.  It's getting folks up off the couch and dancing to the beat.

The class burns several hundred calories, while allowing you to have fun and break a sweat at the same time.  Some who take the class say they were a little hesitant from the beginning.  "I was intimidated and I don't dance very well.  It's a good workout, plus its a lot of fun," said Participant Jen Trest.

"I am not serious as some of the others.  I can't dance at all, but you get a good workout and have fun," said Participant Ariana Wigginton.

Group Groove gets your heart rate up and allows you to burn anywhere from 350 to 400 calories in an hour.  Plus, you learn how to groove to any type of music.  "Group groove is a dance class with a mixture of latin, urban, and club dancing," said Megan Wheeler.

"We've learned how to salsa dance, latin dance, and learned to do hip hop.  It's a wonderful class," said Participant LaTrisha Howard.

If you are stressed from all the holiday shopping class participants say give the class a try. 
"This is a really good class to let loose and dance.  I love to get here and unwind at the end of the day," said Trest.