Web Site Only Place To Apply For Job With Kia

LANETT, Al (WTVM) - Kia goes online with plans to fill the lines at its new plant in West Point. The time is near for job applicants.  KiaJobsInGeorgia.com, the automotive maker's employment web site, is up and running. Company officials are teaching you how to use it before applications are accepted in 2008.

Hundreds of potential Kia employees filled a Lanett church Monday night. They were armed with questions about the company and new plant. Kia managers were there, explaining how to apply for one of 2,500 jobs.

"We're trying to take the month of December to educate people and make them aware of the new site. We want everybody to go in there and browse around and get comfortable," said Randy Jackson, Kia's Georgia Human Resources Director.

Jackson said the web site is vital. In fact, Kia will be the first auto maker to use only the Internet to accept applications.

"You start getting flooded with manual (applications), and we've decided to go 100 percent online. We're taking the next step forward. We hope that this will be a benchmark for everyone to follow, and we hope to be the pioneer for it," Jackson said.

Up for grabs are production, maintenance, tool and dye and salaried jobs. Kia expects thousands of applications, so getting to know the site can help you decide which position you want.

"You're going to have a lot of your job history. In some cases you may have to have degrees. You may have to have transcripts. You need to read about the job that will be available and get comfortable with that," said Jackson.

The company also expects employees to be on-time, dedicated and ready to build cars.

"We want people to be flexible. We want people to be able to work in team environments and be comfortable with that. We also stress the importance of coming to work every day," Jackson said.

Kia plans to open the application process sometime in January. The first people will possibly be hired in April, and production should begin sometime in late 2009.

You can visit the employment site by clicking here.