Why Men Don't Talk

A lot of women want to know why guys manytimes don't talk very much. We've got some answers, in our "For Men Only" report.

One in five women say they typically fight about a man's lack of verbal interaction.

The first reason, listed in Men's Health magazine, is: guys are a little afraid of saying too much to their woman, because the wrong words may get them into trouble.

Next, men need to decompress.  Studies show guys would much rather check email or just eat dinner than have a discussion right when they come home from work.

The Men's Health article also says guys are more comfortable with actions than feelings, like expressing love by changing her oil, bringing home flowers, or planning a vacation.

And men also don't want to be put on the spot, so experts, or at least men say, the more space you give guys, the more they may open up.

-by Jason Dennis