Put A Stop To Bad Brakes

You should always make sure your brakes are in good shape as your life depends on them at all times. Worn brake shoes and pads can lead to dangerous brake response time. This could result in total brake failure and very expensive repairs. Pay attention to the warning signs your car gives you: brake squealing, screeching, and grinding.

Other things to be on the look out for include:
-Being able to put the brake petal to the floor with ease
-Your car pulling to one side as you are breaking
-The brakes grab as you apply slight pressure.

If you experience any of these warning signs, you may need to replace your brakes. Bring your car into Ranger today and have one of our experts look at your car.

You could avoid any unnecessary damage to your brakes is you do the following:
-Check your brake fluid levels monthly
-Have brake fluid changed whenever major service is performed on the car
-Have brakes inspected once a year