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Most Memorable Story of Last Week:

A group of parents in California are calling for the resignation of the Vice-Principal at their children's school.They claim she enforced an underwear check at a school dance last friday. Some students complained to parents."First thing she said when she got into the car was mom, it was horrible last night, you have to fight this.

Kim Teal is among several parents angry with Rancho Bernardo High School. At a school-sponsored dance last friday, female students wearing shorts skirts claim they were asked this question:

What kind of underwear do you have on? I said, "I have on a thong." She said,  "go home and put on appropriate underwear."

Alane Garvik's daughter was turned away by faculty. But Teal's daughter made it in.

"She did witness however, girls skirts being lifted. And girls were asked,  what kind of underwear do you have on?"

"It's not their right to know what kind of underwear these kids have."

Parents and students blame Vice Principal, Rita Wilson, for spearheading the thong underwear checks, even though there is nothing in the school dress code against them.

 An area reporter contacted school officials who all declined to go on camera, but the principal does say, "they are looking into the situation."
Today was the first day of classes since the dance, and already, students are buzzing about what happened.

"Well, I just saw like a line of people and the vice principal Mrs Wilson she was checking to see what the girls were wearing under their dresses, and she was literally lifting up their skirts and embarassing them in front of everyone."

Another student said "if they're dressed appropriate, why should their undergarments matter?Parents agree, and are now asking for Wilson to resign.


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