Double Murder Getting National Attention

It's been nearly 6 months, to the day, since the tragic shooting deaths of 2 young men in Columbus, and the prime suspect is still on the run.  Now, the case will be featured on "America's Most Wanted" on Fox Saturday night, January 19, at 9pm eastern.

"We put this as a priority for the FBI in getting this individual off the streets," special agent Steven Emmitt said, from the FBI field office in Atlanta.

The manhunt is on for Michael Registe, and the FBI believes the columbus double murder suspect fled to the Virgin Islands,  in the St. Thomas area.

Registe is wanted for the execution-style murders of Randy Newton and Bryan Kilgore last July at Cold Creek Apartments off Steam Mill Road. Police say the motive was robbery. Kilgore was a CSU baseball pitcher, and the team is still very emotional.

"There are times, certain things remind me of Bryan, when I'm out here on the field," CSU head baseball coach Greg Appleton said.  "You want the person to be caught and justice to be served, but it's not going to bring Bryan back."

Now, police hope to capture Registe and bring him back to Columbus. There's a reward for information. Several recent tips have Registe going by the street name "J."

"This individual may have shaved his head and further attempts to disguise himself," FBI agent Emmitt said.  "We certainly feel there are people out there who know of Mr. Registe's whereabouts and we want them to call in."

And now they'll see his face on the "America's Most Wanted" show.

Agent Emmitt added, "Having that national exposure in a fugitive investigation like this is paramount."

"The more people that know the story, it's going to help," Coach Appleton said.

The father of one of the victims, Bryan Kilgore, called us and said it's still very painful, but he hopes the killer is caught, even though it won't bring his son back.

-by Jason Dennis