Retirement Letter from Dr. John Philips

23 January 2008
Mr. James Walker
Muscogee County Board of Education

Dear Mr. Walker:

It has been my honor to serve the Muscogee County School District as Superintendent for over five years. During that time, we have seen strong academic progress, supported by teachers, administrators, support staff and parents working in concert for the good of the students.

I believe it is important in one's life to balance all commitments. For a long time, my family, and most especially my wife Suzanne, have made untold sacrifices due to the pressures and commitments of my position. It is time for me to rebalance my commitments, step back from Superintendency and devote precious hours to them. I am also fortunate that other opportunities, both in the public and in the private sectors, have come my way. I shall reflect upon these as I consider my future course. I hope to continue to contribute to public education in this country, albeit in another role than that of Superintendent.

My years of service to Muscogee County School District will remain as the capstone of my career. I want to thank the Board of Education for the opportunity I have enjoyed in leading this superb school system.

I will be retiring as Superintendent no later than 1 August 2008. The exact date will depend on TRS issues; I shall apprise the Board of the final date at the earliest point possible. In the interim, I shall maintain the course which we have set, and stand prepared to work with my succeessor for the smoothest transition possilb.e

Very truly yours,

John A. Phillips, Jr., Ph.D