Retirement Letter from Dr. Robin Pennock

23 January 2008
Mr. James Walker
Muscogee County Board of Education

Dear Mr. Walker:

Since my arrival in Columbus in January, 2003, I have felt truly blessed to work within the Muscogee County School District, with its leaders, its teachers, its staff and most especially its students. The five years-plus I have spent in the system have truly been the most rewarding of my educational career, a career which began on Tuesday after Labor Day, 1970 when I walked into my first classroom at Lake Oswego High School in my Hometown of Lake Oswego, Oregon and began to teach United States History. Since then, I have served in seven school districts in five states; I have worked in the private school world; I have been a teacher, a media specialist, a high school assistant principal, an elementary school principal, a central office administrator in three different districts and now, finally, I have been honored to serve as Deputy Superintendent.

It is often said that one will know when it is time to retire. I really don't believe that. I think that it is important to walk away from a position, from a role, from a career while you still love what you are doing. After a lengthy period of reflection, I have come to realize that is time for me to seek new things, from scuba diving to teaching to giving more attention to my roses in the coming years. I intend to take some time to review my options. Wherever I may be on a given day, however, whether it be on a golf course, in a classroom helping to develop young leaders, or eighty feet below the surface of the Caribbean, please know that I shall always be thankful for my time in Muscogee, and I shall always wish the people of this system the very best.

I shall retire effective 30 June 2008. Between this date and that, I will continue to give my best to this system. I thank the Board for the opportunity I have had to serve in the Muscogee County School District.


Robin Pennock, Ed.D
Deputy Superintendent