Tips On Selecting Right Gym

Columbus, Ga. (WTVM) Every year, millions of Americans vow to get healthier and in shape.  Many folks eye certain gyms depending on the price tag.  However, experts say you need to take a few things in consideration other than cost and the first is location.

"Usually when someone chooses a club that's either near their work or home they tend to attend more often.  If it's a little bit out of the the way, that's a good reason not to head to the gym," said Fitness Trainer Pilar Cobb.

You should also considering visiting the gym to check out the atmosphere, reputation, and hours.  Plus, check out what type equipment they have to offer depending on what you plan on doing in the gym.  "I think depending on what your goals are some folks are independent exercisers and don't care for group fitness.  Their idea of exercise are cardio machines or regular traditional weight machines.  If you are into group fitness you need to go to the gym to try some of the classes out first," said Cobb.

If you are just now getting back into the gym, fitness trainers say don't do too much too soon.  "I believe in slow and steady wins the race because a lot of times people try to do to much to soon.  That leads folks to get sore and discouraged.  I recommend people pick a nice and easy schedule like 3 to 4 times a week or 2 to 3 times a week," said Cobb.

Experts also say most gyms offer a trial memberships like one-day passes up to two weeks.  So you can experience the gym's services and amenities before signing on the dotted line.